Our wallet keeps growing 🔝. From Bit2Me we read all your requests, proof of this are the 7 new cryptocurrencies that we have added to the Wallet and which already add up to 58 🥳.

Cryptocurrencies are the financial alternative that is being taken up by more and more people. There are many advantages over fiat money, among the most important of which is decentralization, based on a secure, transparent and private system.

The Bit2me team continues working to increase the options for you. We work for a common goal: bring cryptocurrencies closer and simplify the management so that the operations with this digital money become easy and intuitive. For this reason, we have a wide range of solutions in our Suite to make it possible.

Latest cryptocurrencies added:

  • Polygon (MATIC) – Scalability for Ethereum

Second layer project created to make Ethereum a more scalable and accessible network, while seeking to become the “Internet of Blockchains on Ethereum”. 

  • Rarible (RARI) – NFT Marketplaces

Community-owned platform designed to offer governance to its participants the world of non-fungible tokens. Its native cryptocurrency, RARI, is the marketplace’s governance token, created to reward active platform users who exercise governance and a voice over the future in Rarible.

  • Aavegotchi (GHST) – DeFi and NFT in one place

It is a digital game created to connect and gamify the decentralized finance space (DeFi) and the NFT universe. Aavegotchi offers unique cryptocollectibles to simplify the entry to DeFi, and make it more fun. 

  • Augur (REP) – Decentralized Prediction

It is a decentralized betting and prediction marketplace built on blockchain, which creates a search engine for future events using its users for its development; that is, it bases its predictions on the forecast of the masses. As its platform indicates, one of the biggest advantages that this protocol can offer is to combat misinformation on the Internet. 

  • Eos (EOS) – dApps and smart contracts

Blockchain platform built for the creation of decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts (smart contracts) in a fast, scalable and efficient way. This protocol was born as a competitor to Ethereum, offering a more accessible and flexible network for the development of innovative applications. 

  • Ren (REN) – Efficiency, interoperability and liquidity

Open source protocol built to provide interoperability and liquidity between different blockchain platforms. Its main goal is to expand accessibility to the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) by removing the obstacles involved in liquidity between blockchains.

  • Storj (STORJ) – Decentralized cloud storage

This blockchain protocol uses a decentralized network of nodes to provide data storage in a decentralized manner and employs advanced encryption mechanisms to secure hosted data. Storj encrypts the data, divides it into parts and then distributes it across a global cloud network.