Bit2Me, the first company recognized by the Bank of Spain as a virtual currency service provider, has launched the world’s largest Bitcoin APY on Bit2Me Earn, the service that allows Bit2Me users to earn cryptocurrency rewards in exchange for holding them in a given wallet to strengthen the security of a blockchain network.

This new Bit2Me Earn feature, is now available from August 10 and allow its users to get Bitcoin as a reward for staking (holding their cryptocurrencies in a given wallet) any amount of B2M, Bit2Me’s utility token.

Bit2Me Earn’s Bitcoin APY comes at a moment when players offering staking services find themselves in a context of uncertainty.

Leif Ferreira, CEO of Bit2Me, states that it is time to offer a secure and reliable service for all who want to accumulate the most secure, decentralized, and solvent cryptocurrency in the crypto market: Bitcoin. Ferreira stresses that “this new B2M feature will offer the highest Bitcoin rewards in the industry with total security”.

In turn, Iñigo Gastón, head of crypto partnerships at Bit2Me, stresses that this Bitcoin APY is an excellent opportunity since “these periods of turmoil are the best time to develop new services in the crypto sector. That’s why, from the Bit2Me team, we never stop generating new features for B2M”.

For Gaston, this new Bit2Me Earn feature will mark a turning point for the staking services in the market. “It should be noted that Bit2Me is going to be the first exchange in the world to offer Bitcoin rewards by staking its native token. We have asked B2M token owners and they have confirmed it with 95% in favor. We believe it will mark a before and after,” says Gaston.

Bit2Me Earn has not ceased growing since its launch in January 2022. This service, which offers rewards of up to 20% in cryptocurrencies and emerges as an alternative to traditional banking, has already reached €41 million and 39,000 users.

Why can we offer the highest APY in a 100% secure way?

Thanks to the work we have done since the launch of the token, we can now offer this record Bitcoin APY. How will we do it? The cornerstone will be the B2M Farming Pool, managed internally by Bit2Me. This Farming Pool is the one that will distribute a total of 100 million B2M, and thanks to our technology we can perform an internal swap of which we assume the costs to get that 9.3% APY in Bitcoin in a fully secured way. 

In addition, as an extra layer of security, the Bit2Me Farming Pool funds are always stored in secured cold wallets thanks to the agreement with Ledger Enterprise. This technology associated with Bit2Me employs a combination of hardware, firmware and software that brings a new security layer to Bit2Me, while eliminating any possibility of man-in-the-middle attacks.

*Data extracted on 08/08/22. The APY is based on the real-time market supply and demand.