At Bit2Me, it’s our birthday! We are turning 9 years old. Since that 2015 when Bitcoin was almost the only player, to now. Together, we’ve witnessed the adoption of cryptocurrencies, the approval of spot ETFs in the United States, regulations in Europe to govern the entire sector… 9 years in which we’ve experienced good times, like the entire bull-run of 2021, and not so good times, like the crypto-winter of 2022-2023. During these times, we worked hard to build the best, safest, easiest, and most complete cryptocurrency platform in the world, with the best services and a customer service that has been recognized, among others, by ASUFIN.

Now, to celebrate these 9 years, we have two very special promotions for you. Take note.

We are giving away 5,000€ in Bitcoin among 5 winners

This year is undoubtedly going to be the year of Bitcoin. With already approved ETFs, the halving coming in spring, and increased institutional adoption… It’s BTC’s golden year. We know this, and that’s why we are giving away 5,000€ in Bitcoin so you can expand and improve your portfolio. How can you participate to be one of the 5 winners?

  • Sign up at this link to register your participation.
  • Make purchases between Monday, January 22, and Sunday, January 28, at 23:59h.
  • Keep your holdings in Wallet or in Earn since you register your participation until February 5 at 23:59h. If you perform any type of operation with the tokens you have acquired to participate during this period, you will not be eligible for the draw.
  • Purchase at least 20€ of B2M. Each purchase of 20 € made in Bit2Me Wallet will add an entry to the draw.

The more entries you accumulate, the more chances you have to win 5000 € in Bitcoin that we will distribute among 5 Bit2Me users.

Remember! In Bit2Me Wallet, you have the “Recurring Purchases” feature available, allowing you to schedule daily, weekly, or monthly purchases. If you activate the recurring purchase of B2M, you won’t have to worry about acquiring more entries manually. Automate it, save time and increase your chances.

*Do not forget to deactivate paying fees with B2M on the PRO web version. Using your B2M in Card will also result in the loss of your participation

And we continue: an exclusive advantage for all our B2M Holders

As you already know, the B2M token is a cornerstone at Bit2Me, and that’s why we want to reward the loyalty of users who have been B2M holders for some time.

Therefore, if as of January 28 you have at least 25,000 B2M in your Wallet or in Earn, do not touch them until the promotion ends, because we will reward you for it with a level upgrade of the Space Center for two weeks from the moment the promotion ends.

What do I need to do to get the level upgrade?

  • Make sure you meet the requirements of the promotion (having 25,000 B2M in Wallet or in Earn since before January 28).
  • Sign up at the following link to register your participation. If you have already registered for the 5,000€ BTC draw, there is no need to register again here.
  • The level upgrade will be done from levels 1 to 6, while users who are level 7 will receive 20€ in B2M.

With B2M, you can not only enjoy this promotion, but owning our token opens the doors to a multitude of advantages within Bit2Me. Don’t miss the opportunity to get your B2M and start experiencing a new journey with Bit2Me.

9 years by your side. A bit of history of Bit2Me and Bitcoin

Our journey started 9 years ago. It’s been an exciting journey that soon, in June 2015, was recognized as the Best Startup of the year by Caixabank (then La Caixa) for our pioneering solution in the world that connected traditional banking with Bitcoin, a principle that has kept us obsessed to this day where we continue working, as demonstrated by the publication of our API so that any financial entity that wishes can offer cryptocurrencies to their clients with the security, trust, and technology of Bit2Me.

In September 2016, with Bitcoin at 600 dollars, we became European finalists of the BBVA Open Talent 2016 with a solution where different financial products were converted into small smart contracts on the blockchain. Does it sound familiar? This is what in 2020 started to be called DeFi 🙂

2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, in all of them we didn’t stop. Appearances on national television like TVE or La Sexta, attendance at events from Telefónica or Google, or presentations at forums as important as the 4YFN, the space of the Mobile World Congress dedicated to the most pioneering innovative companies.

However, since 2021 our growth has been meteoric, and we are very proud that you accompany us throughout this trajectory. That 2021 saw the birth of our B2M token, the cornerstone of our project, and the cryptocurrencies available in our wallet began to increase until reaching the more than 250 we have today. At the beginning of 2022, Bit2Me Earn was launched, so keeping those cryptos on our platform would give you the rewards you deserve, with APYs reaching up to 30% in some cases.

The story that comes after you already know. Awards in Compliance, ISOs to certify our security towards you and your deposits; registration with the Bank of Spain; investments from top-level players such as Telefónica Ventures, Investcorp, or BBVA Spark, among others; and, above all, a platform with more than 20 products and services so that you can use cryptocurrencies with all the freedom and confidence possible. Among these products, Bit2Me Pro, the high-frequency trading tool that came out of beta to be available on Web and App and which has already reached almost 200 cryptocurrency pairs to trade.

That which we envisioned one day in the now distant 2015, but made real and with the best travel companion: YOU.

Will you join us on this journey we are now embarking on towards our tenth anniversary in 2025?