Bit2Me Commerce has signed an agreement with Telefónica to enable the payment method with cryptocurrencies for those devices and accessories of the multinational telecommunications company through the platform.

Bit2Me Commerce has thus become the payment gateway chosen by Telefónica to allow payment with cryptocurrencies, and customers can now use different cryptocurrencies to purchase products in a price range between 200 and 500 euros.

What is Bit2Me Commerce? has become the first major client of Bit2Me Commerce, the company’s bid to bring cryptocurrency adoption to the public at large through a simple online payment gateway for both users and businesses.
Launched less than two months ago, the service offers e-commerce owners the ability to store, withdraw, exchange and trade cryptocurrencies through a configurable interface that allows them to operate virtual wallets in a personalised, secure and simple way.

The business model is based on transparent commissions: 1.95% on payments to merchants. In addition, Bit2Me Commerce has a free and open API that allows integrating the potential of this platform in all types of online shops and platforms. It offers more payment alternatives to customers and allows them to be part of the crypto universe with total security and obtaining a completely professional service.

This system is fully configurable and allows to customise and convert wallets in a simple way. In addition, transfers can be made completely free of charge and withdrawals directly from the bank are easy, as well as downloading invoices and reviewing the company’s movements in just a few clicks.

Advantages of Bit2Me Commerce

Bit2Me Commerce is a perfect alternative for customers all over the world, a great payment tool to eliminate fraud in online businesses and also avoids high fees and chargebacks.

With the Bit2Me Commerce service, the possibility of card fraud is greatly reduced, as Commerce payments are not penalised and cannot be reversed. It is also an instant service, which allows the option of converting payments into cryptocurrencies to receive euros automatically. In addition, this service allows companies to receive money by transfer, in cryptocurrencies or on the card.