We continue to pursue our goal of bringing cryptocurrencies closer to everyone and making trading easier. We have listened to your requests and that’s why today we bring you a big surprise… we have LOWERED the FEES on withdrawals and exchanges! 🥳

  • WE HAVE ELIMINATED 🚫 the commission for withdrawals via SEPA bank transfer.

> 0.25 % ➫ 0%

  • WE REDUCE ⬇️ the fee for SWAP (exchange between cryptocurrencies).

> 2.5% ➫ 0.95%

Advantages of the New Bit2Me Fees

With the change of the new fees you have the main advantage that you can send your money by bank TRANSFER (SEPA) for FREE, both in withdrawals and deposits.

Also, you will be able to continue with the fast cryptocurrency exchange within your Wallet and increase your portfolio, at a lower commission price! Remember that we have more than 60 cryptocurrencies available from our suite. 

With this new low commission policy we aim to bring crypto trading closer to all pockets, with much lower management fees or in the case of SEPA bank transfer withdrawals, even eliminating the costs completely. 

Being part of the Bit2Me community has more and more benefits. 😎

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