Given the current market situation, from Bit2Me we want to communicate publicly that we have sufficient liquidity and that we have never asked for a collateralised loan. We have always focused on the security of the user, we work every day to offer a service with guarantees and transparency to our customers and we do not get involved in risky activities.

We also want to emphasise that we do not handle our clients’ funds unless they request it, allowing our users to withdraw their money at any time.

We are incorporated, have our tax headquarters and offices in Spain and consider transparency to be a fundamental pillar in this sector. In addition, our finances are publicly available to investors and users, and it is fully observable how we hold client funds.

Faced with events such as those that have occurred in the sector in recent days, the first reaction may be to advocate for much stricter regulation. But we must continue to work together with policy makers to create consistent and appropriate regulation for centralised exchanges in each market, and to apply these regulations on a level playing field.

We look forward to the early adoption of the MiCA (markets in crypto-assets), which will regulate the process of issuing and trading crypto-assets and the provision of crypto-asset services. All of this with the ultimate aim of creating common rules of the game, which can provide legal certainty for operators and, as the regulation states, at the same time try not to hinder the development of innovation in order to achieve a balance between consumer protection, market integrity and financial stability as the ultimate goal.

In the long term, the cryptocurrency industry has a great opportunity to build a better economic system with DeFi and self-custodial wallets that do not depend on the trust of third parties, knowing that the neutrality of code and mathematics can be trusted, and that everything can be publicly auditable on the blockchain.

From the beginning, Bit2Me decided to commit to becoming a reliable, secure, transparent, regulated and tax-based cryptocurrency company in Spain, and we will always continue to do so. The events of the last few days in the ecosystem have undoubtedly underlined why this is of vital importance in the crypto sector.

We will continue to work with regulators and policymakers around the world, creating and participating in the creation of products and a fully reliable, trustworthy and secure crypto ecosystem for the entire sector.