Bit2Me has just published the ‘I Bitcoin Halving Report’, in which experts from companies such as Telefónica, BBVA Switzerland, Ledger, Hacken, as well as economist and trader Pablo Gil and members of Bit2Me such as Leif Ferreira, Abel Peña, and Javier Pastor have participated.

The report takes a look at the different halvings that have occurred to date, what they have meant for Bitcoin, and how the market has evolved after each one. Through the 30 pages that make up the report, experts dissect the behavior of an event like the Halving in their own corporations.

“Bitcoin is a wake-up call for those who are awake and tired of having their time and energy quantified in a corrupt and manipulated battery.” Javier Pastor

For José Antonio Colomer, Head of Digital Solutions at BBVA Switzerland, “time will tell if Bitcoin ends up replacing gold and becoming the world’s primary store of value. What is certain is that it has the qualities for it.”

Economist and trader Pablo Gil, on the other hand, believes that “if Bitcoin eventually replicates its behavior once the ‘fourth halving’ has passed, it is reasonable to expect its price to continue rising towards the $90,000-100,000 range, and that very positive expectation is precisely what is causing such a stir among cryptocurrency investors and specifically among those who buy Bitcoin hoping for close to 100% returns in a short time.”

Meanwhile, Bit2Me’s CEO and co-founder, Leif Ferreira, explains in the report that “the halving is a dance between economics, technology, and human behavior, complex and full of uncertainty. Despite the challenges of predicting its exact impact, one thing remains clear: the halving is a crucial moment for the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It demands attention and drives innovation.”