In April, news galore. This month has been one of the most intense for Bit2Me, with launches of new services and extensive media coverage on important topics such as the approval of the MiCa Regulation.

Introducing Bit2Me Tax

New functionality! With Bit2Me Tax, you can generate your free tax report. Save time when declaring your cryptocurrency taxes with this simple and reliable report. Additionally, you can receive professional assistance from qualified experts to resolve all your doubts and file your tax report.

Launchpad Limewire

We have a new Launchpad! Limewire joins Bit2Me for the launch of its new token $LMWR. Limewire, the famous application from the 2000s, is taking the step towards Web3, being the 2.5 platform that combines the best of Web2 and Web3, accommodating artists, brands, and creators. Reserve your $LMWR from May 4th to May 15th.

ETH 2.0 Unlocking

With the arrival of the Shanghai update of Ethereum after the merge last September, the transition from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake is now complete. What does this mean? For all Bit2Me users, from April 20th, you can now take advantage of 100% of the benefits of staking Ethereum with Bit2Me Earn. Add Ethereum funds and receive up to 10% APY. With Bit2Me Earn, your cryptocurrencies work for you, without doing anything.

Price Alerts

Be the first to know about trend changes. With the new price alerts, you will receive a notification on your mobile device every time the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, or B2M has a variation of +/- 5%.

Monthly News

Every Tuesday we announce the news you can find in our different products. This month, we have enjoyed promotions in Earn, listings in Wallet and PRO, and new payment coins in Bit2Me Card:

  • New in Wallet: Arbitrum.
  • New in Pro: XRP/EUR.
  • New in Earn: Ape Coin and CELO.
  • Earn Promotions: Luna2 and ROSE.
  • New in Card: Now you can pay with EURT.
  • New in Bit2Me APP: Portfolio redesign.