Another month has passed, and we want to share all the news of the last 30 days with you. 2022 is about to end, but at Bit2Me, we are not slowing down, and we are facing 2023 with the desire to continue working to bring the crypto sector closer to everyone.

If you missed anything, in this article, we are reviewing all the news of December; will you join us?

Thank You for Being One More Year by Our Side

The entire Bit2Me team wants to thank you for your support. This has been an exciting year for the cryptocurrency industry, but also 12 months of growth, adoption, and, above all, learning.

As an important part of our community, our team wants to thank you for being by our side and we want you to continue learning, enjoying, and training with us in this new year 2023 that is just around the corner, so that our dream of bringing crypto culture to every corner of the world becomes a reality.

Have You Thought About Your New Year’s Resolution?

And how can we spread crypto culture around the world? Well, through training, how else? We at Bit2Me and Web3MBA encourage you to train and learn about the phenomenon revolutionizing the tech industry: Web3🚀.

So, if you have not yet thought about your resolutions for 2023, we have a challenge and a gift for you: train with the first decentralized and tokenized MBA

🎁 Learn all about Web3 and enjoy a 10% discount on the PRO Plan using the code: web3xmas (valid until December 31, 2022). 🎁 

We Are Renewing the B2M Farming Pool for Another Year

We want to reward all B2M holders for their loyalty, so we have renewed the farming pool with 100 million B2M so you can earn up to 8.5% more APY.

Plus, earn up to 23% APY on more than 25 cryptocurrencies on Bit2Me Earn; not using Earn yet?

200 Cryptocurrencies on Your Wallet and Six on PRO

At Bit2Me, we always look for new ways to offer you all the services you need, and that is why we are closing 2022 with another milestone: we have listed 200 cryptocurrencies on Bit2Me Wallet. This gives you many more options to manage all your cryptocurrencies from one place.

Also, this December, we have added five new trading pairs to Pro, so you can now trade with: GLM/EUR, MOVR/EUR, KSM/EUR, MKR/EUR, and APT/EUR. Check out this article on our blog to discover everything you can do with these new pairs.

Plus, you can now schedule your buy and sell orders (limit, market, and stop-limit) for the KIN/EUR trading pair in detail on Pro.

Our experts’ summary of 2022

2022 has been a very busy year with inflation skyrocketing and central banks changing their monetary policies overnight. In the crypto world, things have been no different and we have been on quite the emotional roller coaster.

To close the year, we have made a small summary of everything that 2022 has brought us based on the Expert Sessions we have held throughout the year and in which, through talks with industry experts, we have analyzed some of the most important issues of the crypto ecosystem such as NFTs, regulation or taxation on cryptocurrencies. In this way, we want to offer you our particular summary of 2022.