At Bit2Me, we know that for important appointments, you need to prepare well, which is why we have been working on dressing up our platform in the best attire for some time now. We have reached 40 coins on Bit2Me Earn with which to earn rewards effortlessly, with a promotion that doubles the APY on 10 selected ones; we have listed some of the hottest cryptocurrencies of the moment such as Creditcoin, Polymesh, or Goldfinch; and we have a very special promotion for the Halving where you can win some more than interesting prizes in BTC. But we didn’t want to stop there. That’s why today we want to introduce you to our latest innovation that we have developed with the aim of making your life a little easier: Bit2Me Life.

What exactly is Bit2Me Life?

Bit2Me Life is much more than just a section in our suite of services; it is your passport to a lifestyle with more advantages and benefits. Imagine being able to access a wide range of benefits that make every purchase, every trip, and every dinner outing an even more rewarding experience. With Bit2Me Life, that’s exactly what you get. In the initial stage, you will be able to discover the best cashbacks from Bit2Me Card in a direct and single click manner, but very soon Bit2Me Life will have many more offers and promotions aimed at taking your everyday life to the next level.

We aim to make Bit2Me Life your tool of excellence, the first place you turn to when looking for the best option for your daily needs. Need to make a purchase? Plan a trip? Go out for dinner? Bit2Me Life has everything you need at your fingertips. These are just some of the offers you will find in Bit2Me Life, and we will be adding many more in the coming weeks.

How do we make it possible? By improving our existing benefits section and giving it its own distinctive identity. We want Bit2Me Life to be more than just a feature in our App; we want it to be a central element of your everyday life. Therefore, we will give it great visibility on our platform and continue to expand the different types of benefits available, to keep our users always active and satisfied with this new product.

In summary, Bit2Me Life is your ideal space for a lifestyle with more advantages, benefits, and discounts. Discover them all through the side menu of the Bit2Me App, the Bit2Me Card section, or your initial control panel if you are just starting with Bit2Me. Why wait any longer?