Last week we announced the launch of B2M, 🙌 our own utility token that runs natively on blockchain on the Ethereum network, following the ERC-20 standard. But do you really know what this means? 👀


For all of you who are a bit confused about this topic, we are going to explain it point by point, ready? Here we go! 📖

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What Is a Token?

Before going into deeper technical details, we believe it is important to start with the most basic concept: What is a token?. Tokens are one of the most essential creations of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. They have no legal tender value and are issued by a private entity. 

Having explained what a token is, let’s move on to the next step: What types of tokens are there? Right now, there are three main token types: security, equity, and utility tokens, the latter being the one that defines our B2M token. This type of token helps to capitalize or finance projects, and that is precisely our goal, 🎯 to raise funds to expand in the European Union, Asia, Latin America, and Africa, as well as to grow as a brand and invest in personnel for the internal and technological growth of the company.

That said, only one concept remains to be clarified: What is an ERC-20 token? It is nothing more than a smart contract with a pre-established data structure implemented in the Ethereum network. ERC-20 tokens are a multi-capacity system that reduces programming complexity, provides greater security and supports multiple programming languages, among other features.

Learn More About Tokens

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