Hi, Bit2mer! Bit2Me Launchpad is back with a new project that we are sure you will love: Games for a Living or GFAL, a Spanish blockchain platform that aims to revolutionize the Web3 games industry.

Games for a Living is a platform for the development of blockchain video games, developed by a team formed by: Manuel Sort, former General Manager at King Barcelona (responsible for games such as Candy Crush or Papa Pear Saga); Javier León, creator of the opening credits of The Crown; Marc Tormo, former Blizzard Entertainment employee; and other professionals in the gaming industry.

GFAL is a 360 platform that solves all existing issues in blockchain gaming: free-to-play, cross-platform, and cross-chain.

GFAL Tokens Are Limited, so Be Sure to Get Yours!

Web3 game development platform GFAL will be the third project to leverage Bit2Me Launchpad to launch its $GFAL utility token IEO.

Starting March 2, holders of B2M, Bit2Me’s native token, can sign up for the GFAL IEO whitelist and get many exclusive benefits. As always, the reserve will take place through our website and App.

GFAL’s IEO on Launchpad

  •   All B2M holders can join the dynamic reserve list from March 02 at 10:00 AM (UTC+1) to March 08 at 03:00 PM (UTC+1). And what do we mean by dynamic list? That the more B2M tokens you have, the better your position on the list. And why would you want to be at the top of the list? Because the supply for the first phase of this IEO is limited, so only those in the top positions will get their $GFAL tokens in this first phase. If you have any doubts, here we explain step by step how the Bit2Me Launchpad reserve system works.
  •   The next step of the $GFAL IEO will happen between March 09 and 10. Reservations will be automatically executed on March 9 at 10:00 AM (UTC+1). The public sale will open on the same day at 12:00 PM (UTC+1), with a minimum ticket of €100 and a maximum of €5,000, a price per token of €0.0125, and will be open until March 10 at 15:00 PM UTC+1.

How Can You Deposit Funds to Enter the Reserve Phase?

Once you know you are on the reserve list, select the Euro Wallet with which you will pay for your IEO tokens.

When the reserve phase begins, you will need to have sufficient funds on your Wallet to avoid being left out, so remember to deposit your funds before 15:00 PM on  March 8.

How Can You Add Funds to Your Euro Wallet? Pretty easy:

  •   Direct Fiat.
  •   Depositing Euros by bank transfer.
  •   Depositing Euros by credit/debit/prepaid card.
  •   Cash deposit.
  •   Depositing crypto from abroad and converting it to Euro.
  •   Converting crypto credited to your Wallet to Euro.
  •   Through funds with Tikebit.

🥇 What Advantages Do B2M Holders Have? 🥇

B2M Holders will have the following exclusive advantages:

  •   Priority access to the reserve phase, being able to enjoy better conditions in the following phases, and having the guarantee of being able to buy the number of tokens they want, as long as they are in a good position on the list and have the required amount of Euros in their Euro Wallets when executing the purchase.
  •   Improve their position on the list: buying B2M tokens on Bit2Me is commission-free.
  •   Know in advance the new projects that will participate on Launchpad.
  •   Guaranteed listing of IEO tokens on Bit2Me. B2M Holders can buy, sell, trade, and operate with these tokens once they are launched to the public.
  •   In the future, B2M holders will also be able to stake the new IEO tokens to generate rewards without doing anything.

Could You Be Left Out of the IEO Even if You Are on the Bit2Me Launchpad Reserve List?

Yes. Being on the reserve list and informing us of your interest in participating does not ensure that your purchase will enter the sale phase. Purchases will be executed according to the position on the reserve list, so all available supplies may be sold out before it is your turn. That is why it is very important to have as many B2Ms as possible to ensure an advantageous position on the reserve list.

Listing of the GFAL token 🗓️

Once the IEO process is finished, on March 13th from 11:00 AM (UTC+1) the GFAL token will be listed in Bit2Me and 33% of it will be unlocked.

Remember that participating in cryptocurrencies has risks and doing it through an IEO even more (as prices can vary a lot during the blocking period). We recommend that you do your own research before participating in the IEO of a project and do not exceed your budget, do not buy more than you can afford to lose.

Finally, we would like to remind you that Bit2Me does not intervene in the price of the tokens of an IEO and neither in the subsequent market price.