Just five months after the launch of Spain’s largest and most anticipated ICO, Bit2Me, the first Crypto company to be registered by Spain’s Central Bank and backed by executives and former executives from well renowned companies that include Coinbase, Amazon or Chainlink, takes its first leaps into DeFi with a global outreach and brand awareness campaign by holding a 8,000,000 $B2M Token Airdrop to celebrate recent partnerships with Asian giants such as Polygon, Axie Infinity and Huobi Ventures.

The results of the aforementioned event are nothing short of a success, showing significant increases in community size across all platforms and engagement. More than 6,000,000 participants took part in the Airdrop of $400,000 (Approx*) bringing the total of DeFi holder numbers from 474 to 18,352

CoinMarketCap Watchlist

Starting from a 6,286,332 watchlist in CoinMarketCap, 6,058,171 users participated in the Airdrop in the span of 20 days.


The general overview of the holders show the growth across the three different Networks listed below:




The Airdrop represented a key factor in the enormous increase of new $B2M DeFi holders in a 20 day span: Ethereum: 640 (+263), BSC: 7,526 (+7446), Polygon: 10,062 (+10,055). In Social Media, we’ve also increased our community: Twitter: 185.000 (+150K); Telegram: 139.000 (+128K); YouTube: 76.000 (+25K). For all of them it was an open event where they were incentivized to learn more about DeFi and the use of Wallets, Staking, etc, by both participating and joining the Bit2Me academy.

Holders that keep at least 1 $B2M in their wallets after the event will automatically be eligible for future rewards.

By April 3rd, winners were announced through social media channels and links available on the CoinMarketCap Bit2Me Airdrop section: $312,000 (Approx*) were raffled between 13,238 winners and $88,000 (Approx*) were equally split amidst “The Golden 8” for holding an amount of at least 8,888 $B2M in their DeFi wallet; all of them receiving the prizes via Polygon Network given that it is the network with less fees, making it possible for Bit2Me to automatically send all of the prizes without the users having to claim them via Ethereum Network, therefore having to pay higher fees. All of the winners will also increase the number of DeFi holders for the AirDrop will be sent to their DeFi wallets.

In conclusion, the success of the AirDrop shows that strategically planned campaigns like this one get results and the company will continue to build to assure that the growth Bit2Me has seen over the past weeks will be sustained in the future.

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  • The B2M TOKEN is a utility token intended to be used to benefit from discounts, promotions and services on the Bit2Me website. It is therefore not a financial instrument or a negotiable security”. “Bit2Me does not accept customers related to sanctioned countries, certain high-risk countries or countries where specific national authorisation is required, such as residents of the USA or Japan.
  • *Values of B2M in dollars were calculated the 22/01/2022. Please revisit the current B2M prize chart to see the current values


The Great B2M Airdrop Winner Announcement

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 Thanks to all participants and congratulations to the lucky ones!