Bit2Me Commerce continues to grow, with more and more businesses worldwide wanting to start using Bit2Me’s crypto payment gateway. The latest to join is HoeNalu, a store specializing in paddle surfing and other water sports such as rowing, surfing, and sailing.

On their website, where crypto payments are now accepted, you can find surfboards, foils, wings, kites, and any accessory from the best Paddle Surf brands like Starboard, Fanatic, Red Paddle Co, Quickblade, and Black Project at very competitive prices. But let’s hear from them why they chose Bit2Me Commerce.

At, we want to facilitate our customers’ shopping experience and offer different ways to pay for their products. For a long time, we needed a gateway that would allow us to start accepting cryptocurrencies. The goal is to enable all existing and new customers to purchase nautical sports equipment using cryptocurrencies, in a simple and secure way.

We learned about Bit2Me through general news, pleasantly surprised to find out it was a Spanish company, which gave us a significant point of trust. We discovered they have the Bit2Me Commerce payment gateway, which perfectly fits our needs. It essentially made it easy for us to accept crypto transactions without needing a wallet, integrating with each network, or relying on the fluctuations and volatility of each cryptocurrency.

We just needed to focus on adding Bit2Me Commerce to our online store through their API, as it was a customized integration. Overall, a relatively simple process that simply opened us up to accepting most of the common and existing cryptocurrencies securely and automatically obtaining the amounts in fiat currency (euro).

We hope to continue offering payment facilities to our customers, allowing them to acquire top-brand nautical sports equipment, receiving the personalized advice they require, and now enabling them to pay with cryptocurrencies that we can accept through Bit2Me Commerce.

What is Bit2Me Commerce?

Bit2Me Commerce is the company’s commitment to bring cryptocurrency adoption to the general public through a simple online payment gateway for both users and businesses.

This service, launched less than two months ago, allows owners of e-commerce stores to store, withdraw, exchange, and perform other cryptocurrency operations through a configurable interface that enables personalized, secure, and efficient transactions with virtual wallets.

The business model is based on transparent fees: 1.95% on payments to merchants. Additionally, Bit2Me Commerce has a free and open API that allows integrating the potential of this tool into all types of online stores and platforms. It offers more payment alternatives to customers and allows them to be part of the crypto universe safely, receiving a completely professional service.

This system is 100% configurable and allows affordable customization and conversion of wallets. Additionally, transfers can be made for free, and withdrawing directly from the bank is easy. It is also possible to download invoices and review company transactions with just a few clicks.

Advantages of Bit2Me Commerce

Bit2Me Commerce is a perfect alternative for clients worldwide, a great payment tool to eliminate fraud in online businesses, and it also avoids high fees and returns.

With Bit2Me Commerce, the possibility of fraud in card usage is greatly reduced since Commerce payments are not penalized or reversible. It is also an instant service that allows the option to convert cryptocurrency payments into euros automatically. Moreover, this service enables companies to receive money through transfers, in cryptocurrencies, or on the card.

Features of Bit2Me Commerce

  • Bit2Me Commerce is a product designed to enable secure cryptocurrency payments in online stores.
  • New functionality to integrate the Lightning Network of Bitcoin for much faster transactions.
  • New integration with the Polygon Network.
  • Possibility of integration with POS (Point of Sale) systems.
  • More than 80 new cryptocurrencies for payment integration
  • Integration of plugins such as Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop, or Wix.
  • Allows withdrawals, exchanges, and other secure crypto operations.
  • Offers online store owners a completely transparent and secure service for their customers.
  • No hidden fees, completely transparent: 1.95% on payments to merchants.
  • Bit2Me Commerce has a free and open API to integrate the full potential of this product into any platform or type of online store.
  • Provides more payment alternatives to customers, helping them become part of the crypto universe with complete security and a fully professional service.
  • Features a fully configurable system that allows easy customization and conversion of wallets.
  • Transfers can be made for free, and it is easy to withdraw directly from the bank, download invoices, and review business transactions with just a few clicks.