Crypto API is the B2B solution created by Bit2Me so that all companies that want to offer cryptocurrency services and solutions can do it easily, quickly, securely, and reliably.

Bit2Me’s Crypto API offers API modules that are easy to install and use so that companies or institutions that want to integrate services for buying, selling, trading, crypto custody services, payment gateways, or staking services can do so with minimum effort.

Bit2Me Crypto API offers these companies the possibility of having crypto services in a few hours since it is a turnkey solution based on a frontend pre-built by us, where each client only has to adapt the style to their brand design.

How is Bit2Me Crypto API Implemented?

The implementation process is simple and consists of only three steps:

  1. Sending the request: Once you have sent us your request, we will assign a technical professional to guide you in choosing the integration model that best suits your platform.
  2. Submitting documentation: Bit2Me is a regulated entity, so for security reasons we require specific documentation for you to use our service.
  3. Implementation: Once we have verified the previous steps, we will provide you with the API keys and offer you a demo session so you can start the integration process.

The Bit2Me team will be by your side throughout the whole process. Not only will you have access to our technical team, who will support you during the implementation process and help you with a product demo, but you will also have the support of our marketing specialists, who will help you prepare for the product launch with training sessions for all teams involved.

How Do Bit2Me Crypto API Integration Models Work?

Full API

Full API is an integration model designed for companies that want to leverage the full power of Bit2Me and implement it on their platform using a single API.

This model requires the company to have its own development team, as it will be in charge of implementing the API.

Full API is a service integrated with Bit2Me, providing your team with a RESTful API and all the necessary documentation to enjoy a 100% programmable and adaptable solution for your platform.

Thus, you will have more than 20 pre-built elements that you can combine as you want to create the perfect solution that suits your needs, including the option to create omnibus or individual accounts.

White Label

White Label is the most suitable model for companies looking for out-of-the-box integration, with which they can offer cryptographic services from their platforms without having to worry about development issues.

It is a simple integration that does not require a development team since we provide you with all the pre-built pieces ready to be integrated. You will only have to adapt the design to your brand to start enjoying the full power of Bit2Me on your platform.

These direct integration modules offer solutions for websites and Apps, both for Android and iOS.

Plus, since we deploy all assets from Bit2Me, you will not have to worry about regulatory responsibilities and obligations, as we will take care of it all.

As you can see, Bit2Me Crypto API has two different implementation models for you to adapt any of our solutions to meet all your needs, either by creating a custom implementation with your own developers or a simpler implementation leveraging Bit2Me’s operational experience and UX.

In any case, you will always have the support of Bit2Me’s robust infrastructure and the assistance of our technical team, who will advise you throughout the implementation process up to the moment of activation.

You will also have the support of Bit2Me’s marketing team, which will help you prepare the promotion and launch of the product with training sessions for the teams involved.

What Services Can You Have With Bit2Me CryptoAPI?

Bit2Me CryptoAPI allows you to implement up to five different services:

  •   Data: This is a cryptocurrency market module that provides you with real-time pricing information, as well as a historical price view. Also, it allows you to view data by ticker with advanced and simple charts.
  •   Earn: This module allows you to offer cryptocurrency staking services. It has limit checks, frequency and access policies, flexible staking conditions, and daily or weekly payments.
  •   Trading: With this module, your clients can buy, sell, or trade over 100 different cryptocurrencies using fiat or crypto money.
  •       Commerce: This module allows you to stand out from your competition by offering cryptocurrency payments to customers worldwide with digital payment gateways or physical POS.
  •   Custody: With this module, you can offer deposit, custody, or withdrawal services and the possibility of keeping funds in cold wallets, thanks to Bit2Me’s partnerships with Fireblocks, Ledger, or Prosegur.

How Can Your Company Offer Crypto Services With Bit2Me CryptoAPI?

While implementation time depends on the type of company and the integration model you choose, a Bit2Me CryptoAPI implementation roadmap usually is:

  1. Set up your CryptoAPI: You decide how to manage the money flows of each operation (omnibus vs. segregated accounts), as well as how and who performs the KYC (Know Your Customer) process.
  2. Complete the Bit2Me registration process: As we are a regulated entity, we are required to request certain information and documentation about your company to ensure compliance with the law.
  3. Technical integration: With the support of our technical team and the pre-built toolkit, you will be able to connect your platform to Bit2Me.
  4. Marketing and operations training: If needed, we prepare the product launch with training sessions for all teams involved.
  5. Launch: Once the integration is working properly, we will meet with your technical team for a demo session and give you the production API Keys.