A few months ago we announced the new Bit2Me Pay service that revolutionized the sending and receiving of cryptocurrencies and euros 💰. 

In case you still didn’t know about this new Bit2me Wallet functionality, we would like to remind you that this sending was possible simply by knowing the recipient’s email or phone number, even if the person doesn’t have a Bit2Me account. We wanted to go a step further and now it is also possible to send cryptocurrencies and euros only with the Bit2Me user alias. 🆕

Advantages of Bit2Me Pay

The simplicity of use and speed of the Bit2Me Pay service stand out as its main advantages. Of course, it has all the security measures inherited from Bit2Me Suite. As if that were not enough, it is free 🆓 and commission-free. Another feature, is that you can make micropayments starting from €0.25 and allows up to 30 payments per day. 

🌍 Bit2Me Pay is available in more than 100 countries.” 

By the way, if you have a merchant and want to take the big step of transforming it digitally, you can start by accepting payments with Bit2Me Pay – it won’t take you more than a minute!