What day is it today? That’s right; today is News Tuesday! And that’s why we’re here with tons of updates, including new products and services that we’re sure you’ll love.

Want to know what we have for you this week?

ROSE Lands on Bit2Me Earn With a Bang!

ROSE, the native token of Oasis Network, the leading privacy-enabled and scalable Layer-1 blockchain, is coming to Bit2Me Earn with a bang 🔥

If you stake your ROSEs, you’ll get double rewards for the next two weeks. Don’t miss this opportunity and get the most out of your tokens.

Price Alerts for Everyone

You can now activate Price Alerts on the Bit2Me App regardless of your Space Center level.

With Price Alerts, you’ll stay informed of any changes in the prices of the more than 200 cryptocurrencies available on Bit2Me.

This way, you’ll always be aware of the rise and fall of their prices.

Buy With EURT

You can now use your EURTs, Tether’s Euro-pegged stablecoin, to buy whatever you want using your Bit2Me Card.

As always, you’ll only have to link your EURT wallet to your Bit2Me Card to buy whatever you want.

🚨 Friendly reminder: Update your app

We’ve updated the app to make it run faster (in fact, it now runs up to 60% faster), so if you haven’t updated your Bit2Me app yet, do it and enjoy all the new features we’ve told you about.