We are pleased to announce our Status system, an incident and resolution monitoring panel for Bit2Me.

The large number of Bit2me users who have joined our community, especially in the last months, and the high demand that some of our services have at specific times, such as launches or the first week of use, can cause our platform to experience occasional anomalies, which our technical team solves urgently.

As it happens in many of the best-known digital services in the world, in Bit2Me we are aware of the great importance of offering a unique site, easy to access and with the latest information about possible updates, maintenance, or incidents in our service. Our STATUS system starts right now.

Any user can, from the system, report any incident in the services we provide to quickly attend and make the appropriate improvements and actions as soon as possible.

We have also enabled the possibility of subscribing to incidents and their status changes so that anyone can keep updated in real-time if desired.

Bit2Me is growing, and so is the need for a solution like this.

🚀 Together we build a better Bit2me and overcome every challenge. 

Thank you all for your suggestions! 😊