In recent weeks, we have been explaining how at Bit2Me, we work every day to ensure the security of customer assets through cybersecurity and custody services. We’ve also discussed how we’ve prepared ourselves to face the new phase emerging in the crypto world, where transparency, regulatory compliance, and having a physical and recognizable headquarters in a region with clear regulations will be essential to gain consumer trust.

Today, we want to go a step further and focus on other features, centered on the user experience, that make a platform stand out as more attractive and reliable for a customer looking for an exchange to operate from.

Among the features we will analyze today are the number of supported assets, the range of products, and also the different options users have for making their payments and purchases in fiat currency.

Number of supported assets

When choosing an exchange, users want to have as many options as possible, both for buying and selling and for trading or staking. A large number of cryptocurrencies offer greater flexibility in conducting operations, allowing users to take advantage of all the market has to offer.

However, it is advisable to review which cryptocurrencies are available, and especially to ensure that the chosen exchange supports the cryptocurrencies with which users want to operate.

At this point, quantity does not always mean freedom, as listing many cryptocurrencies with low liquidity, meme coins, and tokens of questionable quality can end up being counterproductive.

At Bit2Me, we have always sought to strike a balance between quantity and quality, listing new coins every week and working on those that offer the greatest advantages to our customers.

Currently, we have more than 240 currencies in the Wallet, almost 100 trading pairs in Pro (where we recently listed the B2M/EUR pair), as well as almost 40 currencies in Earn.

Range of products

Not all crypto users are cut from the same cloth; each has their own needs and seeks different solutions.

Some users will want to carry out operations with high-frequency trading tools, while others are just looking for a safe and reliable place to store or buy their cryptocurrencies. There are also users with a more conservative profile who want a tool for saving, while others may want to use their cryptocurrencies to pay for their daily purchases or as collateral for a loan.

It is important to choose an exchange that has the services you need, but it is also important to choose a platform whose services offer guarantees of security, transparency, and consumer protection.

At Bit2Me, we have been working for many years to provide a wide and flexible range of services, where our users can find a solution to their needs, knowing that they operate within a regulated platform, based in Spain, transparent, and committed to consumer protection and asset security.

At Bit2Me, we offer services such as:

  • Bit2Me Wallet: where you can buy, sell, or exchange more than 240 cryptocurrencies easily, from the app and web.
  • Bit2Me Pro: the first high-frequency trading tool developed by a Spanish platform, where you can perform professional operations with almost 100 trading pairs and program LIMIT, STOP-LIMIT, and MARKET orders.
  • Bit2Me Earn: our staking service where you can earn rewards for holding your tokens.
  • Bit2Me Card: a Mastercard debit card with which you can pay for anything with your cryptocurrencies, at over 9 million establishments worldwide, and receive cashback for each purchase.
  • Bit2Me Loan: to request or make loans using your cryptocurrencies as collateral.
  • Bit2Me Commerce: a service focused on businesses, allowing easy and fast implementation of a crypto payment gateway so that your customers can pay for anything using their cryptocurrencies.
  • Bit2Me Launchpad: a crypto launcher where you can discover the most cutting-edge crypto projects before anyone else and participate in them, staying ahead of others.

Fiat payment options

Finally, users want to have some freedom when operating with fiat money, so it is important to offer the most convenient and robust options.

In the case of Bit2Me, users can deposit or purchase in Euros and Dollars, two of the most widely used fiat currencies worldwide, to offer you the greatest freedom when conducting your operations.

At Bit2Me, we have always taken into account the needs of our users, listening to the feedback from our community and opening a feedback channel where they can leave their requests and ideas, among other things.

If you want to delve into why Bit2Me is a reliable exchange, don’t miss this article where we analyze the points that make us stand out in areas such as consumer protection, security, and customer service.