Bit2Me Earn is one of the flagship services in Bit2Me’s 360 suite, enabling users to generate passive rewards for their cryptocurrencies through staking. In simple terms, it allows you to experience the complexity of the blockchain world condensed into a single click.

Bit2Me Earn comes with advantages such as:

  • Nearly 40 cryptocurrencies.
  • No transaction fees.
  • No limits on adding or withdrawing cryptocurrencies.
  • Offer highest Bitcoin APY if you receive rewards in B2M.
  • Provides an additional 2% APY on all cryptocurrencies if you decide to receive it in B2M.
  • You can connect your Earn wallets with Bit2Me Card and spend your crypto while saving with cashback.

Bit2Me Earn in numbers

2023 has been an excellent year for Bit2Me Earn. In total, over 50,000 users have enjoyed the passive rewards of Earn, with APYs of up to 35% and up to 3% for Bitcoin.

Throughout 2023, Bit2Me distributed over €2,000,000 in B2M rewards, including the farming pool distribution and an additional 2% on APYs for being a B2M Holder. Combined with the nearly €700,000 in rewards for other cryptocurrencies, the total distribution has amounted to €2,700.000.

The main cryptocurrencies that offered rewards were:

*All values are calculated at prices as of 31/12/2023.

New Year, Improved Earn

We have revamped Bit2Me Earn with a complete redesign and numerous new features designed to offer you the best browsing experience and full control over all your operations.

If you have never used Earn, now is the best time. With the new onboarding, we will guide you step by step through the tool to help you understand how it works, how you receive your passive rewards, and all the advantages of saving with crypto through Bit2Me Earn.

On the new home screen, you will find a lot of information about your crypto:

  • Major coins: A summary of your top 3 cryptocurrencies with the highest balance.
  • Explore: The place where you will find all balances of your cryptocurrencies.
  • New filters: Set up filters to sort Earn cryptocurrencies by relevance, highest APY, recently added, or inactive.

In this section, you will also find a detailed view of each of the coins you have in Bit2Me Earn. Here, you will have all the information about the movements and rewards you have received with each of your cryptos.

And our star feature: Current average APY.

This is a representation of the average annual performance you get with your current balance through your Earn rewards. It is obtained by calculating a weighted average of the APY for each crypto, telling you how much you are earning in total for all your holdings in Earn.

In addition, depending on your Space Center level, our leveling system, your average APY can increase significantly. The higher the level, the higher the APY on ALL your currencies.

Oh, and if you want to know how many rewards you have obtained since you started with Earn, on the new rewards screen, you will find the overall average APY, calculating your rewards history to give you an idea of everything you have achieved since using Bit2Me Earn.

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