Once again, we bring you all the latest updates from Bit2Me throughout the week, including one that is just around the corner and we are excited to share with our entire community.

GFAL Arrives at Bit2Me Pro 🎮

You’ve been asking for it, and it’s finally here.

On December 12th, the gaming platform token GFAL is coming to Bit2Me. It’s one of the most requested tokens by the Bit2Me community and one of the highly valued projects from Bit2Me Launchpad.

The GFAL token stands out for its versatility in the ecosystem: it acts as a universal currency in games and marketplace transactions, unlocks benefits in the VIP Program, and is essential for developers to access advanced services and tools on the platform.

With GFAL on Pro, you can place LIMIT, STOP-LIMIT, and MARKET orders and engage in high-frequency trading operations with GFAL.

More Pairs Arrive at PRO 💱

We are steadily progressing towards the 100 mark. This week, 20 trading pairs are coming to Bit2Me Pro so you can trade like a pro.

This Christmas, Crazy Cashback on Bit2Me Card 🛍️

This year, your holiday purchases come with a gift. Upgrade your electronic devices with Bit2Me Card and enjoy enhanced cashback on top brands such as Acer, LG, Samsung, or Lenovo.

Don’t refrain from giving gifts this year and enjoy the best crypto card in Europe that also allows you to save while you spend by connecting to your Earn wallets.

Happy shopping!