The end of January is finally in sight, and as we do every week, we’re here right on time with all the latest updates for you.

This week, we’ve introduced a new currency in Wallet, and we have a gift for you: we’re doubling the reward for every referral you bring in.

Move forward with Tuesday News! 👇

Get double for every referral! 👥

Bringing your contacts to Bit2Me has double the reward. Now, instead of €5, we’re giving you €10, and each of your referrals will also receive €10. 

Choose “fixed reward” in the App and share your link with your friend to each earn €10 with their first purchase.

Listing BRC20! 🪙

You can now take advantage of all the flexibility and possibilities of Ordinals from Bit2Me Wallet.

BRC20 is a new standard created within Bitcoin that allows the implementation of new use cases through Ordinals. It’s essentially an experimental protocol that enables the registration of JSON data on each satoshi.

While not as comprehensive or flexible as ERC20, as it’s not compatible with smart contracts, the BRC20 protocol opens up a range of new use cases for Bitcoin.

Buy, sell, and exchange BRC20 tokens in Wallet.

Are you ready for Phase 2? 🪂

As you already know (and if not, we’ll tell you), Bit2Me and Concordium are distributing 10 million $CCD tokens over the course of a year.

On February 1st, Phase 2 of the airdrop begins, and to participate, you only need to have 20,000 CCD or more in Bit2Me Earn before the phase starts (i.e. before January 31 at 23:59 pm). The more you have, the greater the reward you’ll receive at the end of each phase.

Additionally, if you leave your CCD in Earn at the end of Phase 2, you’ll automatically participate in the following phases.

Don’t miss out, and get ready to claim your share of the tokens!