Do you remember the first time you spent a euro? Probably not. No one remembers what they first bought with a euro. But what we do remember is the moment when someone spent 10,000 bitcoins to buy two large pizzas. It was on May 22, 2010, when Laszlo Hanyecz, one of the founding fathers of bitcoin, decided to test if it could ever become a viable payment method. Since then, every May 22nd, Bitcoin Pizza Day is celebrated. A special day where bitcoin enthusiasts and pizza vendors celebrate in style. And what better way to celebrate than by purchasing pizzas and paying with bitcoins.

When Hanyecz bought those pizzas, he didn’t use a Bit2Me Card, of course, but if he had done so now, he could have entered this special promotion we’re bringing you.

We’re giving away €1000 in B2M among three winners

Bitcoin Pizza Day celebrates innovation, progress, and the potential of cryptocurrencies. To show everyone how cryptos can be used for everyday purchases, from May 22 to May 31, 2024, every purchase you make with your Bit2Me Card phisical or virtual will count as an entry into a draw for €1000 among three winners. The more entries you have, the higher your chances of winning. Here are the instructions:

  1. Register as a participant in this promotion on our website or via the App using the code UGPIZZA24.
  2. Make purchases with the Bit2Me Card. Only purchases that generate cashback in B2M will be considered as entries.

Remember that to participate, you need a registered and verified account and must be at least level 1 in Space Center. You can check the rest of the conditions in the legal terms.

*All users who have been impacted by this promotion can participate.

If you don’t have your Bit2Me Card yet, you can create a virtual one for free here and have it immediately available in your Bit2Me App, compatible with Google Pay and Apple Pay.

What are the advantages of the Bit2Me Card?

Using the Bit2Me Card right now has many advantages. Take note: