Crypto API is the B2B solution created by Bit2Me so that all companies that want to offer cryptocurrency services and solutions can do it easily, quickly, securely, and reliably.

Bit2Me Crypto API offers easy to install and use API modules so that companies or institutions that want to integrate services for buying, selling, trading, crypto custody services, payment gateways, or staking services can do so with minimum effort.

Crypto API offers these companies the possibility to provide crypto services in a few hours since it is a turnkey solution based on a frontend pre-built by us, where each client only has to adapt the style to their brand design.

Benefits of Crypto API for Your Company

Banks and Fintech: Differentiate Yourself From the Competition

One of the main benefits of cryptocurrencies for banking and financial services companies is that it differentiates them from their competition. Crypto is still in the early stage of adoption by institutions, and many customers demand these services. Therefore, offering crypto services can help you stand out from the competition.

Fintech companies can also benefit from Crypto API. Like banking entities, fintechs can leverage Bit2Me’s API to diversify their services by offering a platform for buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies.

Banking can also take advantage of the speed of blockchain transactions and lower transaction costs to offer better services to anyone who wants to send and receive money remittances.

Retail: Crypto Payments

Retail and e-commerce companies worldwide can implement payment gateways that allow their customers to pay with cryptocurrencies for their products and services. For example, has recently implemented cryptocurrency payments for products in its online store thanks to Bit2Me.

Many companies are choosing to implement cryptocurrency payment mechanisms, not only because of customer demand but also because they are more efficient, as they work based on smart contracts, avoiding the multiple levels of bureaucracy and hierarchy of traditional payment systems.

These systems use different consensus algorithms to streamline transactions, making them much faster and with cheaper fees.

Startups: Easy Implementation

Another advantage of using Bit2Me Crypto API is that you can forget about all the legal complications usually associated with cryptocurrency services. Bit2Me is an industry-leading company and the first to be recognized by the Bank of Spain as a cryptocurrency service provider.

At Bit2Me, we are very strict with legal compliance, so we will take care of all legal issues. We comply with the Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and all other Spanish and international regulations.

We have almost a decade of experience working with cryptocurrencies, so we also have robust fraud detection and prevention systems. We have, in fact, the support of some of the most renowned security firms, such as Ledger Enterprise Solutions or Prosegur Crypto, so you can also stop worrying about security because you are in good hands.