With the adoption of cryptocurrency, Decentralised Finance, NFTs and other blockchain-based applications in recent years, more and more brands, companies and organisations are deciding to invest in or implement Web3 in their different sectors in a variety of ways.

These companies rely heavily on decentralisation and implement different technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, NFTs, cryptography and other blockchain and Web3-based technologies.

One of the first companies to go Web3 is Shopify. Since last year, this Canadian company has allowed its users to mint and sell collectible NFTs on different blockchains. In the same way, it also allows cryptocurrency payments to be implemented in its different marketplaces, allowing their customers to make purchases of their products and services in different cryptocurrencies if they choose this alternative as a form of payment.

On the other hand, since October last year, Facebook has changed its name to Meta in order to reflect its mission to provide guidance throughout the Metaverse. Meta seeks to attract billions of users, choosing Web3 as a very promising alternative to the third generation of the Internet, and it is undoubtedly a relevant channel for the company to direct the Metaverse towards.

Another company that has joined Web3 is Spotify, the world’s most popular Swedish music streaming service, which currently has 422 million active users.

Spotify has started to include Web3 professionals such as engineers, developers, managers or trend development experts among its employees. It is also possible that Spotify will implement its own NFT marketplace in the coming months, as it is already running various tests in which different artists can promote their own NFTs in their spaces.


On the other hand, in competition with Facebook’s Meta, we find another of the tech titans that is working to get a piece of the blockchain and Web3 technology market: Microsoft. This company is helping Astar Network to build the future of Web3 through the Astar Incubation programme and at the same time has backed ConsenSys by participating in a $450 million investment round.

ConsenSys is the driving force behind MetaMask, the world’s most popular blockchain wallet. In addition, Microsoft has also expressed interest in Polkadot, as well as in Web3 technology in general.

Twitter, one of the world’s most influential social networks, has also begun to embrace Web3 technology in recent times, having started working with NFT technology, implementing its use as profile pictures, a great alternative for NFT owners to prove ownership of these digital assets.

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