“On the hunt for the Bit2Me x Ilia Topuria photo” Want to win 500 B2M effortlessly? Pay attention to this promotion we have for you in collaboration with Ilia Topuria.

From today, June 6th, until June 21st, you can find numerous Bit2Me x Ilia Topuria posters in the streets of Madrid and Barcelona. What do we want you to do? Very simple: take your phone out of your pocket and take an original selfie with them to win 500 B2M. Here are the instructions:

  1. Find the Bit2Me x Ilia Topuria banner in Madrid or the hundreds of posters in Madrid and Barcelona.
  2. Take a selfie where you are clearly visible. You and Topuria, of course.
  3. Upload the photo to social media: X (Twitter), LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook, tagging the official Bit2Me profiles on those social networks using the hashtag #IliaTopuriaxBit2Me. In this post, you must tag two friends with whom you would like to attend Ilia Topuria’s next fight.
  4. Sign up here on the specific form for this promotion.

What if you’re not in Madrid or Barcelona? Don’t worry: you can create your own Bit2Me x Ilia Topuria design and upload it to social media following the instructions above.

To participate in this raffle, you must take into account two important conditions:

  1. Have a registered and verified account on Bit2Me.
  2. Have at least 2,500 B2M on Bit2Me, whether in Wallet, Earn, or Pro.

Up to 500 winners will be selected from those users who meet the conditions, chosen based on the most original and unique posts as determined by the Bit2Me team. Read the Legal Terms

The winners will be announced on July 1, 2024. Bit2Me will contact the winners electronically to announce that they have won and received the prize in their Bit2Me accounts.

Therefore, if you don’t have your Bit2Me account yet, you can save time by registering now and, in the process, earn another €20 free in B2M with your first €100 purchase in cryptocurrencies.