This month we are celebrating the first anniversary of our B2M token.

So, to celebrate it with all our holders, we have prepared a complete compilation of the most important milestones of B2M in its first year, plus other surprises that you will discover very soon.

Birth of B2M: The Largest ICO Ever in Spain

The life of our B2M token began at the end of September 2021, when we launched our first ICO and successfully raised €17.5 million, becoming a record ICO in Spain in terms of volume and fundraising time. 

We also raised €2.5 million in a previous private round, which allowed us to raise €20 million in total funding in less than three minutes.

To learn more about the launch of our ICO, you can read this article we published on our blog about The Largest ICO Ever in Spain.

Where Can You Buy B2M?

Since November 2021, you can buy B2M on different exchanges, such as Bit2Me, aligning these options with the strategy of offering B2M holders as many features and advantages as possible.

B2M is also available on Uniswap, the largest decentralized exchange worldwide, on the MEXC platform and, since April, on Bitfinex and Bittrex, and has become interoperable following its listing on PancakeSwap and BSC, which has enabled the integration of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network and its applications, in addition to QuickSwap. It is also worth noting that we have listed B2M on the CMC aggregator, CoinGecko aggregator, World Coin Index aggregator, and Messari aggregator.

The Great B2M Airdrop

Only five months after our ICO launch and B2M token, we held the Great B2M Airdrop, getting more than six million users to participate.

From February 10 to March 2, more than 6 million people participated in Bit2Me’s airdrop on CoinMarketCap to celebrate our partnership with Polygon. 

As a result, more than 6,000,000 participants took part in the $400,000 Airdrop (approx.*), bringing the total number of DeFi holders from 474 to 18,352.

To learn more about our Great B2M Airdrop, you can read this post on our blog.

B2M Partners: Sweepstakes and Collaborations

This year at Bit2Me, we have not stopped working to offer our users the best tools and alternatives, features, and opportunities for our B2M token.

During this first year of our token, we have reached important partnerships with key players in the crypto market, such as Unstoppable Domains, Toncoin, Velca, Polycashback, Huobi Ventures, Axie Infinity or DFG, making our first approach to the metaverse with a B2M treasure hunt in OVR.

These partnerships have allowed us to run sweepstakes, conduct airdrops, and provide unique features to B2M holders outside our Bit2Me platform.

Also of note are our partnerships with Amazon Web Services, MetaSoccer, Valhalla Capital, Icon Foundation, Inveready, Calhack Ventures, and Smape.

To reward B2M holders, we have also launched different campaigns, such as Be Pro, with rewards such as Open Discussions, POAPs (NFTs), Bit2Me merchandising, or a Web3MBA scholarship valued at €900. Do you want to become a Pro? Find out how here

B2M at Events

This year we did not want to miss anything, and we have been present in crypto events worldwide, giving visibility to our B2M token.

One of the most outstanding events we have participated in was Consensus 2022, held in Austin, Texas. Abel Peña, Chief Sales Officer of Bit2Me, shared with other industry professionals the keys to strengthening the Web 3 ecosystem; and John Izaguirre, Pablo Casadio, Paola Moran, and Ursula Vidal established relationships with the leading companies in the blockchain ecosystem and the cryptocurrency sector.

To continue our challenge of bringing crypto knowledge and B2M tokenization closer to society, Koh Onozawa, Managing Director of Bit2Me, took part in two panels on the universe of cryptocurrencies and tokenization at South Summit Madrid

We have also been present at other major industry events, such as ETH Barcelona, ETH Amsterdam in the Netherlands, the Binance Blockchain Week in Dubai, the Binance Blockchain Week in Paris, the Learning Path and Crypto challenge of the Universidad Europea or, more recently, the Blockchain Expo & DeFi Congress in Zaragoza, as well as the Valencia Digital Summit.

Figures, Milestones, and Features of Our B2M Token 

B2M already has over 80,000 holders and many diverse features on its first anniversary. Earn is the most popular product among B2M holders, offering the highest APY on Bitcoin in the world with B2M.

We now have over 54,000 users with B2M on Bit2Me Wallet and 25,000 on DeFi Wallet.

Our B2M watchlist on CoinMarketCap has over 6 million views, demonstrating the overall interest in our token.

We also offer bonuses of up to 90% on transactions in Bit2Me Wallet, voting access for future features to B2M holders, and early access to these new features.

Plus, with B2M, you will get discounts on paid courses and exclusive access to our products and content.

B2M holders get priority when reserving tokens on Bit2Me Launchpad and an extra 2% daily reward on Bit2Me Earn. We also offer a 25% discount on transactions to anyone using B2M on Bit2Me Pro, so using B2M to cover commissions on this tool of the Bit2Me ecosystem is very profitable.

At Bit2Me Academy, we did not want to miss the anniversary, so we introduced the B2M course on Learn2Me to raise awareness of our token to many more users in the crypto ecosystem and allow them to earn rewards for learning. We also implemented features for B2M tokens on Web3MBA, the new tokenized and decentralized crypto and Web3 training.

This year we also launched the B2M/USDT pair on Bit2Me Pro and created the beta of our Space Center, the new B2M token tiers system, in which more than 1,000 users have participated.

Plus, we have updated Bit2Me Earn with a lower APY system and a fidelity pool.

This first year we have implemented an open HQ in the Bloktopia metaverse and we have been recognized by the Bank of Spain, the total value of the volume traded in B2M since its launch being more than €637,200,000.

But most importantly, we have been able to distribute more than $450,000 among our holders through sweepstakes, NFTs, and Airdrops and conduct different AMAs and B2M Answers sessions, in which we have distributed more than 3,000 POAPs.

In total, we have created more than 30 videos to keep our community and B2M holders updated, and we have made monthly and quarterly transparency reports so that all users of the B2M ecosystem can be informed at all times of the past, present, and future of our Bit2Me token.

What Does the Future Hold for Us?

B2M is conceived as the gateway to the greater Bit2Me ecosystem and also offers its holders products and services offered by our current and future partners.

The goal of the Bit2Me team is to further integrate the B2M token to become a key part of the business ecosystem by implementing new services developed to benefit all B2M holders and become a benchmark in terms of features and tokenomics in the industry.

We will be incorporating these new features in both the App and DeFi, where holders will have exclusive access to rewards such as Whitelists or Airdrops and features applied to more than fifteen different products and services.

In conclusion, B2M will continue to grow by keeping its holders at the heart of its ecosystem. And at Bit2Me, we will keep working to offer B2M holders new features in products such as Launchpad, Bit2Me Card, Bit2Me Commerce, DeFi Wallet, the Space Center, Bit2Me Pro, and APY on BTC (Earn). To learn more about the future of B2M, you can read this blog post.

We do not want to say goodbye without reminding you that at Bit2Me, we are constantly working to grow together in the future and offer our community of B2M holders the best features.

This year you can expect big changes to existing products and new feature-packed products, as well as new partnerships and more interaction for our B2M token.

We hope you will join us on our journey To the Moon! 🚀​