On November 1, we celebrate a big event for Bit2Me: the first anniversary of our B2M token. That is why, in addition to an article about the most important milestones of B2M and everything that has happened in its first 12 months (link to the other article), we have prepared different prizes to thank our holders for having created this amazing Bit2Me community and encourage them to continue helping us to promote the adoption of the crypto and blockchain ecosystem with our project worldwide.

Our B2M token started to take shape in September 2021, when we launched our first ICO and raised €17.5 million, becoming the largest ICO in Spain in terms of volume and fundraising time.

We also raised €2.5 million in a previous private round, which allowed us to raise €20 million in funding in less than three minutes.

To celebrate the first year of B2M, we have prepared different actions and prizes that will begin on November 2 and last throughout the month. Each week we will be revealing new surprises, campaign actions, and rewards, so check out the roadmap of this initiative to stay tuned to our social media and join us in celebrating the first anniversary of our B2M token.

For this first surprise, we have prepared a special action for you on our official Twitter account.


With this action, we want to reward the most active holders on our Twitter account @bit2me who celebrate and tell the world that it is the anniversary of the B2M token. 

Participation Period: November 2, 2022, 00:00 (UTC+2) to November 4, 2022, 23:59 (UTC+2) 

Number of Winners: 90 winners, 30 per day. 

How to Participate:

a) Have a registered and verified account on https://bit2me.com/. Please note that the verification process may occasionally take several days and is subject to compliance with current legal regulations.

b) Be a B2M token holder.

c) Follow the official Bit2Me Twitter account (@bit2me).

d) Retweet (RT) the B2M birthday promotional video posted on the official @bit2me Twitter account.

e) Post a tweet mentioning the @bit2me account and using the hashtag #B2M1stBirthday or #B2MCumple1.

f) Complete one of the forms that will be shared on the official Bit2Me Twitter account of (@bit2me) each of the days of participation, i.e., from November 2 to November 4, 2022, and fully accept its Terms and Conditions. 

Prize: Advance one tier in the Bit2Me referral system, regardless of your current tier, for life.

🔒 Closed activity 🔒

 ACTION 2: The second activity we have prepared will be held on our official Instagram account. (Bit2Me)

Celebrate B2M’s birthday with us using the B2M birthday filter on Instagram Explore your creativity and win B2M!

Participation period: November 8, 2022 00:00 UTC + 2 and ends on November 13, 2022 23:59 (UTC + 2).

Number of winners: 10 winners

Prize: 1.000 in B2M (according to the market value on November 14, 2022), €100 for each winner.

Rules and conditions of participation: 

  1. Have a verified account on Bit2Me.
  2. Be a B2M holder.
  3. Follow the official @Bit2Me account
  4. Share your selfie on Instagram stories using the filter.
  5. Mention @Bit2me and use the hashtag #B2M1stBirthday.

🔒 Closed activity 🔒


We are starting the third rewarded activity for the #B2M1stBirthday! In this case it will be ALL those B2M holders who have at least 50,000 B2M who will win the prize.

If you do not yet have your 50,000 B2M, you have from November 15, 2022 00:00 UTC + 1 until November 17, 2022 23:59 UTC + 1 to acquire them and receive this reward.

Number of winners: ALL B2M holders with an amount equal to or greater than 50,000 B2M (all those belonging to a Tier).

Prize: 100% discount on Academy’s paid courses “Cryptocurrency Tax Specialization Certificate” and “DeFi Initiation Course”, valued at 70€.

Rules and conditions of participation: 

  • Have a registered and verified account on the website of https://bit2me.com/.
  • We remind you that verification can sometimes take several days and is subject to compliance with current legal regulations. 
  • Be a B2M holder and have at least 50,000 B2M.


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Participation in this event implies the full acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions:

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