The year is ending. We want to do a little review of the most important milestones that we have achieved in these last and frantic 12 months. 

Every year is hectic at Bit2Me, but this one has been especially bumpy. 2020 has been difficult for everyone and we want the situation to improve as soon as possible, however it has been a great year for Bitcoin and with very good results and a great evolution for Bit2Me (see the video recap at the end of this post).

We have selected the top 10 milestones of the year 🔝 and made a retrospective in case you missed them:

  1. We released our most important update: Bit2Me evolves!

After 2 years of development, in October we completely updated our Suite. We incorporate important improvements and new functionalities, paying special attention to security and usability. We also completely update our Wallet and launch a new App for Android and iOS 📱. New website, new wallet, new App.

📣 An update that represents a before and after and which has been echoed by media such as Expansión, EFE, Cinco Días or ES Radio.


  1. We grow at the rate of Bitcoin! 🚀 We doubled our results for another year

Like Bitcoin, which this year has managed to surpass itself by breaking its all-time high, at Bit2Me we have managed to double our turnover and volume of operations year after year. And there the thing is not left:

  • We surpassed 100k registered users in Bit2Me.
  • 1 million users have passed through Bit2Me Academy


  1. We close our first investment round 💪: Inverady invests € 1M

Inveready, a leading venture capital manager that invests in projects with a high innovative and technological component, places its trust in Bit2Me. This investment will focus on promoting 3 main axes: 

📣 Entrepreneurs, Business Insider, La Vanguardia, Europa Press and other media talk about it.


  1. The team multiplies. We are already more than 50 bit2mers between workers and collaborators 😁

From 23 employees to 44 in less than 12 months. Counting our network of collaborators spread over different parts of the world 🌍, we have more than fifty professionals working on the different products of the Suite. So much so that in February we had to move to new offices and the current ones are already too small for us!


  1. We add 15 new cryptocurrencies: 21 cryptos available to trade 👛 

We listed: Compound, Chainlink, Uniswap, Dai, Tether, USD Coin, Monero, Zcash, Sicacoin, Cosmos, Cardano, Tezos, Stellar, OmiseGo and Polkadod. Added to the cryptos we already offered, they add up to a total of 21 cryptos

We take into account the different sectors (DeFi, Stablecoin, privacy, …) and that is why we expand our offer. Tell us on networks what other cryptos you want to find in 2021!


  1. Academy exceeds expectations! 

  • We launched the first certified Bitcoin course, with an incredible reception from the community 🥇
  • In November we exceeded 400 articles available on Bit2Me Academy, the largest crypto-knowledge platform in Spanish 🙌. 
  • That is not the thing, we also enable the content in new languages: English, Portuguese and Italian 🗺.
  • We launched a new series of training videos on our YouTube channel 📺.


  1. Video + Audio 📹 Your favorite content!

During the first quarter of the year we began to perform live shows on our YouTube channel, the format was so successful that they have already become an essential part. The data proves it: 

  • More than 100 videos on YouTube in the different playlists: Expert Sessions, Bit2Me Live, Crypto News and Bit2Me Academy.
  • More than 15,000 subscribers, almost 200,000 viewers, more than 450,000 views, more than 35,000 hours of playback …
  • All our content is also available as a podcast on the main platforms.

👉 Receive an email alert a few minutes before we start our live shows. 


  1. We won the “Young Company of the Year” award 🏆

Super proud to receive this recognition for a short career but with great achievements. An award that drives us to try even harder.

📣 The news in the media.


  1. Upgrade: we keep improving 💪

We optimized our products to improve the user experience. Among the latest updates (December):

  • New Portfolio function in your Wallet (with integrated search engine)
  • Maintenance of a session started for 30 days on trusted devices.
  • Improvements in device validation and onboarding for new accounts.


  1. Upcoming news 😛

This 2021 will be loaded with news, we briefly advance you 3 that will see the light soon:

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