They say that money brings power. Now, imagine the power of controlling the very thing that brings power.

Bitcoin has really taken off, exceeding all its historical highs. As we move into 2021, 12 years have passed since the start of the Bitcoin revolution.

Hundreds of millions of people around the world are currently using Bitcoin, and many others are now starting to embrace it. Ultimately, the aim is to democratise the control of money and to eliminate the monopoly and dominance that a select few have over the rest of us.

It’s a symbolic way of hitting them where it hurts and saying, “enough is enough”. It’s how millions of us are peacefully SHOUTING OUT that we no longer want infinite money in exchange for our finite time. It’s a way of making it clear that we want a democratic, mathematical, transparent, fair, and open-source store of value, free from borders and corrupt politicians and committed to the privacy of individuals in these times of big data and personal data leaks.

But let’s not forget that Bitcoin isn’t the finished product, and is continuing to improve every day. And what’s coming next is super interesting.

Did you know that Bitcoin version 1.0 is yet to be released? We’re currently on version 0.20. Bitcoin is only in BETA, and what a stir it’s caused so far! What a stir we’ve all caused! The most incredible brains on the planet are still developing Bitcoin, working not for money but out of pure motivation. And there’s no stopping it! But Bitcoin isn’t ONLY technology. It’s first and foremost a social network: millions of people united by exchanging value and changing the rules of the game.

Bit2Me has grown considerably over the years. We’ve gone from 3 people to a team of over 50. When I look back, I feel immensely proud to be part of this great family that’s gone from strength to strength since 2014; a family that is fully committed to cryptocurrencies. Although we’re growing very fast, I can say with all certainty that our focus remains intact:

  • MISSION: To make Bitcoin reach everyone on the planet. To train and provide people with financial freedom, enabling them to save, send and receive money without complications, even in countries where it can be difficult to get the money you’ve worked hard for.
  • VISION: To democratise access to money. To eliminate control over money creation. To make the planet a fairer place by creating technological tools that give us freedom.
  • VALUES: Integrity, honesty, accessibility, transparency, perseverance, freedom, loyalty, effort, and rebellion.

All this through what we do and love to do; a suite of solutions based on the following pillars:

  • EASY: Specially designed for newcomers to the sector.
  • FAST: Buy, sell, exchange, analyse, and much more instantly with a simple click.
  • COMPLETE: Variety of services to create the most comprehensive suite.
  • SECURE: Triple perimeter security.
  • TRANSPARENT: At operational, company, and team levels.
  • WITH SUPPORT: Training, telephone support, chat, email, video tutorials, courses, and video calls.
  • GLOBAL: Constantly expanding with customers from over 100 countries, and growing!

2021 is set to be a key year for Bitcoin and the world of cryptocurrencies. This is in part due to the entry of large institutions and protocol improvements, but also the massification of Bitcoin: even the banks that criticised Bitcoin just a few years ago will now be selling them. Together, we’ve completely hacked their mindset! 🤣

And remember: the digital currencies (CBDCs) that banks want to launch are not Bitcoin. They’re just traditional money in disguise.

From the entire Bit2Me team: thank you for your trust and for being part of the revolution. There’s more work to do, and we’re more driven than ever.

Happy 2021!

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