At Bit2Me, we are constantly innovating to offer the best options and opportunities to our incredible community. On this occasion, we present you with nine new cryptocurrencies that we have added to our wallet, so you can continue enjoying the revolution of the crypto world. 

Starting today, you can receive, send, store, trade, buy and sell MASK, GALA, TRB, ONE, AMPL, YFII, NEO, and JST from Bit2Me Wallet. All this in a simple, fast and reliable way.

With these new integrations, we now list a total of 166 cryptocurrencies and tokens available to everyone on our platform.

Learn About the New Cryptocurrencies Available on Bit2Me

Gala (GALA)

GALA is the utility token of Gala Games, a decentralized blockchain-based protocol that functions as a community-owned gaming ecosystem, where users can access video games of different themes, such as fantasy, strategy, science fiction, and defense. This protocol focuses on opening doors to new technologies while seeking to give players back control over their virtual property. Gala Games gives players full control over their game items, which they can monetize on the platform.

Harmony (ONE)

ONE is the utility and governance token of the Harmony network, optimized for developing highly scalable and secure DApps. This blockchain implements sharding at three levels: network, transaction, and storage, to ensure speed and accessibility with a very low commission cost while providing a high degree of security. 

Neo (NEO)

NEO is the governance token of Neo, a blockchain ecosystem designed to build the Next Generation Internet. This blockchain ecosystem provides tools and solutions to create and develop decentralized applications, smart contracts, and services optimized for Web3. Neo allows its users and developers to build using different programming languages, such as C#, Go, Python, Java, or TypeScript. It also offers a solution for self-sovereign digital identity management and distributed data storage and management, among other things.

LooksRare (LOOKS)

LOOKS is the reward token of the NFT LooksRare marketplace, which incentivizes community participation through trade rewards and royalties. LooksRare is a marketplace for non-fungible tokens that focuses on the community and creators, who can earn LOOKS tokens every time they trade or buy and sell NFTs on the platform.

Mask Network (MASK)

MASK is the governance token of the Mask Network protocol that focuses on bringing privacy to social media. This protocol is designed to offer its users the ability to enjoy secure and decentralized social messaging. It also facilitates access to tools for trading, verifying, buying, and selling NFTs and launching new decentralized asset projects, and more. All without leaving the main social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Tellor (TRB)

TRB is the reward token given as an incentive to the network of reporters running Telliot, the open-source reporting client of the Tellor decentralized oracle network. This oracle network allows the blockchain to connect with the outside world to access external data sources, which are key to developing decentralized protocols (DeFi) and Web3. Through TRB, Tellor encourages the contribution of valuable information to the network, mitigating the risk of manipulation and censorship.

Ampleforth (AMPL)

AMPL is the stablecoin developed by Ampleforth, an Ethereum-based protocol that unlocks various digital finance use cases, such as lending, derivatives, and collateral, in a decentralized manner and without any intermediaries. 

DFI.Money (YFII)

YFII is the reward token of the DFI.Money protocol originated as a hard fork of the Yearn Finance protocol after a governance proposal in this protocol was not approved in 2020. This token, along with CRV and BAL tokens, is granted as a reward in DFI.Money liquidity pools.

Just (JST)

JST is the governance token of the Just blockchain platform, which its holders can use to decide on project’s future. This platform, built on the Tron network, is presented as the first lending platform that allows users to borrow, lend, deposit assets and earn interest using stablecoins and other network assets.