• Bogdan Stirbu will lead Bit2Me’s investment proposal for startups, entrepreneurs, private investors, accelerators, and funds.
  • Stirbu will work closely with a team of world-class entrepreneurs such as Rodolfo Carpintier, Pablo Casadio, and Koh Onozawa, among others.

Madrid, 14 October 2021 — Spanish cryptocurrency platform Bit2Me has announced the signing of Bogdan Stirbu, previously head of Accenture’s blockchain area in Iberia (Spain, Portugal, and Israel), as the new CEO of Bit2Me Capital. Accenture is focused on providing consulting and technology services, as well as outsourcing services. It has a global workforce of 624,000 employees and a client base of more than 6,000 clients.

Bit2Me Capital is Bit2Me’s investment proposal for startups, entrepreneurs, private investors, accelerators, and funds. It focuses primarily on investing in blockchain and fintech companies and startups.

Bogdan Stirbu was part of Bit2Me since its inception, specifically from 2015 to 2017. Stirbu will now lead Bit2Me Capital, a division that, among other things, aims to facilitate investments and co-investments through pre-seed, seed, and Series A rounds—and future rounds—in startups that develop new cryptocurrencies and tokens, algorithms, smart contracts, mining, DAOs, liquidity pools, DeFi protocols, NFTs and, in general, everything that gives meaning to the crypto and blockchain world.

In his return to Bit2Me, Stirbu will be drawing on his experience at Accenture. At the consulting firm, his work revolved around three main axes: evangelizing the company in the blockchain universe, creating technical teams with the right skills, and generating practical cases. Having achieved these three objectives, Stirbu now returns to Bit2Me to contribute to the project.

“In Bit2Me Capital I will have two roles. On the one hand, I will analyze the ideas of the company’s internal departments to turn them into innovative projects, into real products that improve Bit2Me’s operations and services, to make the project solid and sustainable over time. On the other hand, I will be looking for interesting startups in which companies linked to Bit2Me can invest,” explains Stirbu, who is also a professor at ISDI, the world’s first digital business school, where he teaches Blockchain for Business, helping managers turn ideas into real, tangible blockchain projects.

Stirbu will work again with Leif Ferreira and Andrei Manuel, but also with a team of professionals formed by Rodolfo Carpintier, entrepreneur and key Internet figure in Spain, as well as investor in Tuenti and BuyVIP, companies that ended up being sold to Amazon and Telefonica; Pablo Casadio, in the Bit2Me Capital division, investor with more than 20 years of multinational experience in various fields of FPA & BD at the Otis Group, FSO at E&Y and Capital Markets at PWC; and Koh Onozawa, entrepreneur and director at Docuten.

Leif Ferreira, CEO and founder of Bit2Me, assures that the platform “is being reinforced with talent and renowned international managers in the industry to position us at the forefront of the sector not only in Spain but worldwide. Bogdan Stirbu joins other names such as Zeesan Feroz, former CEO of Coinbase in Europe, Baldomero Falcones, former president of Mastercard International, or Raul Oliveira, former CEO of Kraken Europe”.