If you have already purchased B2M through your Bit2Me wallet you will already know about this news. B2M will soon be available on the international trading platform MEXC. In this post we will tell you more details and give you some more surprises… 👀

B2M, our utility token, will be available from Friday 26th November on MEXC. This will represent a giant step forward in the global adoption of the token as the number of users who will be able to access its purchase will be considerably expanded. 

Since 2019, MEXC has gained a 5% share of the global cryptocurrency and digital asset trading market, serving more than 6 million users in over 70 countries around the world. Its achievements have been recognised on several occasions, and it was awarded Best Crypto Exchange in Asia at Crypto Expo Dubai 2021.

With this latest listing, the B2M token will now be available on 4 cryptocurrency platforms, including Bit2Me, Bittrex and Uniswap, the world’s largest decentralised exchange (DEX), where B2M was listed a few days ago.

Also, we tell you in advance that we are working on very top stocks 🔝 together with MEXC that will be available very soon. But we are saving that surprise for later.

For now save the date 📅: 26th November B2M available at MEXC 🎊!

👉️ Read the latest news about B2M here.

The B2M Token team is working on bringing the project closer and closer to more and more users in the crypto community while developing new improvements and implementing the new features planned in the B2M roadmap 🧭. 

Not a Token Holder yet? Get on board 🧑🚀🚀

In case you haven’t heard yet… Having B2M in your Bit2Me wallet unlocks benefits for you 🙌. Up to 90% commission rebates on Bit2Me wallet transactions, participate in community consultations on upcoming products or cryptocurrencies to list, benefits related to the Bit2Me Card debit card (which will be available in the coming months), discounts on Academy training and advantages in other services, such as Bit2Me Trade, LP Staking, Bit2Me Earn, Bit2Me Loan which will be available soon.

Buy B2M without commissions only through your Bit2Me wallet and unlock all the benefits of being a tokenholder.