• Bit2Me invests in Minterest through Bit2Me Capital, a solution created to boost projects in the crypto and blockchain ecosystem. 

  • Minterest develops a protocol that facilitates access and participation in DeFi (Decentralised Finance), to make the ecosystem fairer and more transparent for all. 

  • The B2M utility token team is also exploring ways to collaborate in this synergy going forward and after its entry into Decentralised Finance (DeFi). 

Bit2Me, an international benchmark in cryptocurrency-related services with a presence in over 100 countries worldwide, joins the Minterest lending protocol as a strategic investor through Bit2Me Capital. Through its solution, Bit2Me aims to accelerate the development of companies, startups, entrepreneurs, funds and more, focused on creating innovative products and projects based on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. 

Minterest, one of the lending protocols designed to make access to DeFi fairer and more transparent for all, announced that it will strengthen its products and services thanks to its institutional investors, including Bit2Me Capital. 

Minterest offers an automated blockchain settlement and repurchase mechanism, designed under high-security standards, that captures 100% of the value in interest rates, flash loans and settlement fees of DeFi protocols, ensuring fair and automatic distribution among users. This protocol offers one of the best and highest interest rates in the market and gives its users a stake in its success. Minterest is organising a community allocation event starting next week. It is currently running 3 audits on its code base and earlier this month, it became the first DeFi lending protocol to be implemented on Moonbeam Network, a Polkadot parachain. 

Bit2Me Capital, B2M and Minterest

Through Bit2Me Capital, the Spanish company is committed to providing support to create new opportunities for the entire Minterest community, aligning with its strategic objectives. Along these lines, the B2M utility token team is also exploring ways to collaborate on this synergy going forward and following its entry into Decentralised Finance (DeFi). 

Josh Rogers, founder and CEO of Minterest and other well-known online companies such as Freelancer.com, published a letter announcing that his institutional investors, such as Bit2Me, were bringing more than just value to the project. Rogers explained that its fundraising strategy also allows Minterest to absorb the new perspectives, skills and knowledge that each of its strategic investors has to offer. And in the changing and buoyant world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, Bit2Me is one of the most experienced. The Spanish company, constantly evolving, is always ready to bring forward new business models that grow the true value and potential of new technologies. 

In a recent interview with Cointelegraph, Rogers explained “we want to build Minterest as a fairer financial system. And the reason we think it’s fairer is because when you look at the lending protocols, people liquidate very significantly, and that money goes outside the protocol. What it’s about is how the people who create the value of the protocol benefit. And the people who create the value of the protocol are a large ecosystem of users, not just a small subset. So what Minterest aims to do is to enable people to actually benefit from the value they create with their participation.”

Bit2Me Capital is Bit2Me’s initiative to transcend the current model and drive a new era of digital transformation, based on innovation and technology.