Bit2Me adds Dogecoin, the most viral “meme” cryptocurrency on the Internet

  • Bit2Me has added 30 new cryptocurrencies in the last weeks 

  • In addition to Dogecoin, Bit2Me has added PAX Gold, the cryptocurrency backed by the gold standard, to its catalog

Bit2Me, the Spanish cryptocurrency services suite, has become the first Spanish startup to offer Dogecoin, the cryptocurrency that has multiplied by 186 times its value since the end of last year until now. Although it was then trading at €0.003, just a few days ago each unit was selling for €0.56.

In addition to Dogecoin, Bit2Me has also integrated into its catalog PAX Gold, the cryptocurrency known as stablecoin because it is backed by the gold standard, and thus maintains its value stable over time, thus combating market volatility.

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that has become very relevant after Elon Musk‘s Twitter comments. The cryptocurrency started as a joke, as something comical –a meme-, but it has gained traction in the heat of relevant figures, such as Musk himself, and there is a lot of attention on it.

In fact, SpaceX, the American billionaire’s space company, has announced that it will launch a satellite paid for with Dogecoins, the DOGE-1, to the moon. Musk has put more spice on the cryptocurrency by asking his followers on Twitter if they want Tesla to accept payments with this virtual currency. He also took the opportunity during his appearance on the successful US program ‘Saturday Night Show’ to affirm that he would give Dogecoins to his mother for Mother’s Day.

With the incorporation of Dogecoin, Bit2Me becomes the first major Spanish exchange that allows its acquisition, as well as fifty other cryptocurrencies with which it already works. These include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano and Ripple, to name just a few.

More than half of the total of these new coins (specifically 30) have been added in the last month. In this way, Bit2Me continues with its purpose of democratizing and bringing the world of cryptocurrencies to all corners of the planet, facilitating their access and adoption.

Bit2Me’s goal is to offer a wide range of cryptocurrencies to a sector with an increasing number of users. In addition to cryptocurrencies, it allows to manage euros from its wallet.