Maintaining excellence in the field of cybersecurity, IT and security protection has been part of Bit2Me’s DNA since its inception. Thanks to the maintenance, innovation and constant improvement in this area and with the guarantee of maintaining the security of customer funds at all times, Bit2Me has earned the trust of customers, investors and other key players in the crypto, economic and business landscape globally.

We continue to work in this line and today we want to publicly announce that Bit2Me has obtained the ISO 27001 certificate, the global standard in cybersecurity that certifies our constant commitment to safeguard the security of the information of all our platform’s clients.

Next November 16, OCA GLOBAL will deliver this UNE-EN ISO 27001:2017 certificate awarded last November 8 to Bit2Me. The commitment to this standard guarantees the integrity, confidentiality and availability of data and information, as well as the systems that process it.

What is the ISO 27001 certificate?

The ISO 27001 standard or certificate is a global or international standard that provides a framework for information security management systems or ISMS of different organizations. Its purpose is to provide integrity, confidentiality, continued availability of information and legal compliance.

This certification is key to protecting an organization’s most important assets, customer and employee information, corporate image and all types of private information.

In this way, ISO 27001 is necessary to protect our information management system. In this way, organizations can provide confidence to their customers and the entities with which they collaborate.

What does this mean for BitMe and its customers?

Having this certificate accredits Bit2Me to its customers, partners and society at a global level as a player in the ecosystem that activates all the means at its disposal to prevent the integrity, confidentiality and availability of its information from being compromised. This certification is of unbeatable value in a sector where the protection of the data managed is of the utmost importance.

Obtaining this accreditation confirms Bit2Me’s dedication to its mission of promoting crypto adoption worldwide in a secure and transparent manner. All Bit2Me customers can rest assured and appreciate that we will continue to work along these lines, prioritizing at all times the protection of our funds with our security infrastructure.

While this ISO 27001 signifies that we have reached a high degree of maturity in our security program, we will continue to work and participate in a surveillance audit every year and a full audit every three years. As a leading company in the cryptocurrency sector in Spain, it is clear to us that we are in an industry that is constantly evolving and it is for this reason that we will continue to invest relentlessly in improving our security infrastructure while maintaining the highest standards at all times and always offering a security system at the level of excellence for all our customers.