Bit2Me, the first company in the world recognized by the Bank of Spain as a virtual currency service provider and which launched B2M, the largest cryptocurrency created in Spain, presents Bit2Me Custody, its professional cold storage service for digital assets, which already has large companies as customers, including investment funds such as Inveready.

Bit2Me’s new service allows customers to store digital assets such as Bitcoins, Ethers, stablecoins, NFT or even tokenized shares (security tokens), safely through a storage model based on digital vaults with bank-grade security, disconnected from the internet and segregated by client and using cryptography to process transactions through multiple authorizations.

The service is located in Spain, and is offered worldwide, and is registered with the Bank of Spain under number D592 for the custody of digital assets. In addition, the digital assets deposited in Bit2Me Custody are insured by a policy of 150 million euros.

The service is available for more than 200 different cryptocurrencies and is aimed at private companies, public institutions, startups and individual customers with portfolios of more than €50 thousand in digital assets.

Bit2Me Custody also offers secure cryptocurrency storage services to other companies in the Web3 sector, such as wallet providers, exchanges, liquidity providers and issuers of digitized financial assets that are interested in keeping their funds in highly secure facilities.

For Leif Ferreira, CEO of Bit2Me, Bit2Me Custody is by far the best blockchain digital asset custody solution ever made in Spain. “Bit2Me is a Spanish company that has almost ten years of trajectory and professional experience in this industry. At Bit2Me we have the backing of a large institutional capital. If regulated investment funds such as Inveready choose us to hold their funds, it is because they are looking for the best. I believe we are the most prepared and reputable company in the sector to offer this service”.

The use of Bit2Me Custody is based on a governance model reinforced by personal HSM (hardware cryptography-based physical security device). This model allows digital assets to be stored out of reach of cyber attacks, requiring shared authorization through flexible and scalable governance schemes, which require the authorization of a configurable number of people to allow the movement of funds.

For Ferreira, the security system by which transactions are approved in Bit2Me Custody evidences the high security and transparency of the service. “Bit2Me Custody’s governance engine is one of the most secure systems available for cold storage of funds. The process involves validation by several operators within the wallet before being published on the blockchain.”

On the other hand, Bit2Me has just obtained ISO 27001 certification, a fact that evidences the Spanish exchange’s commitment to the effective management of information security and guarantees the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data with which Bit2Me operates.

For Bit2Me’s CISO, Washington Gómez, the ISO 27001 certification demonstrates the company’s commitment to the security of Bit2Me’s infrastructure, constantly promoting activities to protect its systems and information through external audits.

“The ISO 27001 certification reinforces the principle of proactive responsibility at Bit2Me and demonstrates that for the company, investment in security is not an expense but a strategic area that allows us to demonstrate the reliability of our solutions and develop the trust of our customers,” says Gómez.