The power of a community is something key to the survival of a cryptocurrency.

Groups of people with common goals need places to interact and live together, organizing events is essential for the growth of a community.

In the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies the same happens, events help strengthen communities and improve the understanding of everything that is  happening. To help locate and discover these meetings throughout the world, we have created a new service:

Introducing the Bit2Me Agenda: a place where you will discover a variety of quality events related to Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain.


🎟 Bit2Me Agenda is born 

The service consists of an aggregator of Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and related topics (economy, privacy, cryptography …) events around the world. As of today a free website is now available to view the agenda of the bitcoin world and stay informed with all the details for the event that you find interesting.


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⚙ How does it work?

The use of this platform is very easy. You just have to visit the Bit2Me Agenda page and you will find the listed events. The content is classified by categories and is also available in different views that include calendar or map options, among others


Categoría de eventos blockchain

Bit2Me Agenda Categories


Calendario de eventos blockchain

Bit2Me Agenda views

Bit2Me Agenda Goals

  • Save time for people searching for events related to Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies
  • Promote the culture of Bitcoin and new forms of money based on strong cryptography
  • Expose communities to our users and people outside the service of Bit2Me
  • Promote networking between communities


📝 List of events

If you want to suggest an event to be included in Bit2Me Agenda, you just have to click on the ‘ADD EVENT’ button on the top right of the screen, and fill in the form that appears. Don’t forget to include information about the value that the event brings to the community.

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🕹  It’s time to play and learn

The adoption of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies depends on people taking responsibility for learning and organizing. Creating and attending events is a great way to participate in this cognitive, technological and social revolution that has changed the way we conceived money.

There is no longer an excuse to find interesting events to attend, meet other people with similar concerns and discover that you are not alone, we are millions around the world. If something characterizes the human being is his need to learn and socialize, with Bit2Me Agenda you will discover excellent places where you can do both at the same time.

Do not hesitate: play and learn.