We live in an era where the democratization of multimedia creation is something that happens everyday, it’s nothing new. Anyone can create content and distribute it massively thanks to the Internet.

The direct consequences of this are several, one of them is that we can find high quality content on any subject, but in the same way there are also tons of junk content that confuses and hinders the task of self-taught people.

This happens on platforms like YouTube: it is full of content, it is a great library … the problem is that there is no librarian.

Anyone can upload videos and this is a great thing but, at the same time, much of that content is confusing, of low quality, induces unreliable products or services, or directly brings nothing substantial to your knowledge.


Do you want to learn about cryptocurrencies by watching videos but you don’t know where?

In the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry, this situation is even more acute. We find videos about mining in the cloud promising high profits, infallible trading algorithms, fake news of all kinds, promotion of ponzi systems, magic arbitration bots … in short, the wild west of the internet.

We understand that it is often very difficult to separate the grain from the straw if there is no experience or adequate knowledge base.

After 5 years serving cryptocurrency users around the world, and actively participating in the dissemination of this technology to individuals, companies and institutions, we are aware that the learning curve can be greatly reduced if access to information sources is available. correct, advocating the rigor and healing of content.

As many of you know, at Bit2Me we are committed to the adoption of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, that’s why we started the Bit2Me Academy, a free portal with original and formative content. Now, we launch a service that serves as a perfect complement to our training mission.


📺 Bit2Me TV is born

Welcome to Bit2Me TV, a library of high quality educational content, global, free and open access, focused on Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and the entire universe around them.

A portal to help people find filtered videos about Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and related topics (economics, privacy, cryptography, trading, music …)


videos de bitcoin

How does it work?

The use of this platform is very easy. You just have to go to the Bit2Me TV page and you will find audiovisual content in many languages. The content is classified and accessible to everyone in a simple and intuitive way, you just have to enter and navigate through the different categories

Bit2Me TV Goals

  • Save time for anyone who wants to know more and use cryptocurrencies
  • Facilitate relevant and useful content
  • Avoid exposure to content that induces participation in systems where there is a 99% chance of losing money
  • Increase the average knowledge of beginners and support the advanced users.
  • Make life easier and reduce stress
  • No matter if you are new or advanced: Bit2Me TV will be useful to you

🎯 An inclusive and necessary space

Obviously, this ‘Crypto TV’ has a collaborative spirit: the idea is to aggregate everyone’s content, as long as it meets a minimum of quality, rigor and value.

From Bit2Me we contribute our resources to locate original content that brings value and is worthy of dissemination. To do this, we add the players of YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and similar platforms, allowing their authors to receive thousands of extra views, in order to enhance their brand and increase their income in case they are videos that are monetizing on their respective platforms.

If you want to suggest a video to be included in Bit2Me TV, just click on the ‘ADD VIDEO’ button at the top right of the screen, and fill in the form that appears. Don’t forget to include information about the value that the content brings to the community.

videos sobre blockchain

The time is now

We are aware that acquiring knowledge about the use of cryptocurrencies, as well as the culture that surrounds it, is extremely beneficial for a society that pays the time and talent of its individuals with money whose value is not backed by anything, and it is also devalued over time.

For that reason, educating correctly about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is a task where we all have a place and we must participate. Now or never.

Nowadays, people like Bitcoin or hate it, but to our belief Bitcoin is the best money there is, and there are a good number of cryptocurrencies with more value than many traditional national currencies. To ignore it is useless. The future is here, can you help us with the disclosure?

Now that you know about our initiative, if you have a friend who wants to learn about all this, help him and make his life easier: direct him to Bit2Me TV.