• Dex is the newest product by Bit2me, the leading company in Spain buying and selling cryptocurrencies
  • DEX allows users to transact Ethereum tokens without losing ownership of their assets and without having to pay a fee per transaction
  • The platform integrates with Tikebit making it possible to redeem tokens with traditional money without having to sign up or use a credit card


Alicante, 29th of July 2019

Bit2Me, Spain’s leading platform for buying and selling bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, launches Bit2me DEX at a worldwide scale: a digital assets trading platform based on the blockchain technology so that any person can trade transact with Ethereum based tokens, without any intermediary, in real time, from anywhere in the world and without commissions.

DEX is a statement of intent of Bit2Me’s vision on the implementation of blockchain technology for use cases that profoundly revolutionize the current economic system, seeking and proposing new, more open, transparent models, efficient and accessible to everyone on the planet.

More on the above, DEX was born out of the need to propose an alternative to the common centralized trading platforms where billions of euros are stolen each year. This has to stop happening, and that’s why Bit2Me has developed a third generation and decentralized exchange, so that nobody can intervene or manipulate operations, a 100% assurance that users do not lose control or custody of their currencies at any time.

Apart from the strong safety offered to the market, we can also add universal access, performing operations on DEX does not require registration or an identity validation process. This means, starting to trade is as simple as connecting your Metamask wallet or hardware wallet.

The graphical interface of Bit2Me DEX is a contribution of value to users that trade tokens on this platform, since all the elements are well visible and it’s equipped with 2 support tools: an interactive tour for each of the elements and an initial settings tutorial. The main graph where the price evolution is seen is integrated with TradingView, a tool used globally that facilitates real-time information and a list of extra functionalities for the technical analysis of professional traders.

In addition, a relevant aspect of the interface is that it is 100% responsive and is optimized for use on any device via web browser.

Another of the outstanding features of this decentralized trading platform is the exclusive integration that allows the free and anonymous deposit of traditional money (fiat) through Tikebit, a Bit2Me service to buy coupons that redeemable for cryptocurrencies. Therefore, acquiring your first tokens and trading is as easy as buying a Tikebit coupon and redeeming it within Bit2Me DEX.

The launch of DEX is yet another evidence in the reinvention of currency markets. For the first time in history there is a technology, free access and use, that allows us to create to our liking a market of digital assets that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year; It works without any type of human intermediary, it is publicly auditable, and it is shielded anti-theft because tokens never leave users’ wallets at all times.

Exchange of shares of companies on blockchain

And there is still more! Imagine to be able to exchange company stocks in the same way?

We live in the age of “tokenomics” and in the near future it will be normal that traditional active assets such as company stocks will be represented as a digital token, these can be commercialized in real time on decentralized markets.

With this in mind, Bit2Me has optimized DEX to contribute to one of the major transformations happening to the shares market in the last 300 years.

In other words: very soon Bit2Me DEX will be listings the first stocks for companies to be traded in a safe, transparent, fast and at a very low cost.

The technology behind the Bit2Me DEX platform

Bit2Me DEX uses the technology developed by the 0x project, which masterfully integrates atomic exchanges, Atomic Swaps. These are exchanges of different tokens between two users that occur in the same transaction and without any intermediary.

Atomic Swaps allow each user to place purchase or sale orders and complete them, without the tokens having left their wallet until the moment of the exchange when an operation is completed.

About Bit2Me

Bit2Me is the largest cryptocurrency buying and selling platform that exists in Spain since

2014, and one of the most important at European level, besides being a pioneer in the world facilitating the conversion of Bitcoin to cash through traditional ATMs.

Bit2Me was the world winner in the “VISA Fintech Americas” in Miami (United States) for the

‘Banking without banks’ project, was awarded as the Best Startup in Spain 2015 by CaixaBank

and has been invited to participate in numerous forums organized by institutions and organizations such as the United Kingdom Embassy in Spain or the European Commission to explain what it is and how Bitcoin it works

Press & Media Contact

To contact Bit2Me regarding this product and launch, write to media@bit2me.com