Bit2Me, the first company recognized by the Bank of Spain as a virtual currency service provider, has announced this Tuesday, July 19, that it will not be able to execute the agreement with the 2gether exchange so that 2gether customers can continue trading cryptocurrencies on Bit2Me due to the blockades generated by some of 2gether’s partners.

Bit2Me had the firm will to offer a solution so that 2gether users could continue to trade their cryptocurrencies on Bit2Me. All this, out of goodwill and without any financial compensation between the parties.

Bit2Me’s objective with this agreement was to watch over the crypto ecosystem in Spain in order to allow 2gether’s clients to continue buying and selling cryptocurrencies without selling their positions.

Given the impossibility of reaching an agreement with 2gether, Bit2Me has unilaterally decided to offer a promotion of 20 euros during July and August to those users who – on their own and voluntarily – send all their funds from other cryptocurrency platforms to Bit2Me with proper accreditation (*1).

Bit2Me reiterates its firm commitment to allow cryptocurrency users to operate with their funds in the most transparent, secure and legal way possible. Bit2Me believes that only with commitment and a sense of responsibility can cryptocurrencies be brought to society as a whole.

(*1) This promotion is only applicable to users who deposit a minimum of 200 euros in Bit2Me.