Startups that develop their projects using Bit2Me’s B2M utility token will be able to access the AWS Activate program, which offers a host of benefits.

After announcing that our B2M utility token will be listed on Bitfinex, we want to let you know about our new partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to offer the AWS Activate service to cryptocurrency startups developing their projects using the B2M token.

We’re partnering with AWS to enable startups to develop pioneering new solutions and products for the cryptocurrency industry while driving their continued technological growth.

In addition, as part of this agreement, we’ll be holding a series of events across Spain throughout 2022 to drive the creation of new startups that will change the crypto world.

About AWS Activate

AWS Activate is a service that offers startups a wealth of benefits, including up to $100,000 in AWS Activate credits to fund and enhance support and training plans to help small businesses grow their business 🚀.

AWS Activate is designed to provide startups with an excellent combination of tools and specialized support so they can easily achieve their goals. At the same time, this service aims to provide the right tools to optimize performance, control risks, and minimize costs.

AWS also offers Developer and Business level technical support from its experts, including advice on architecture and best practices as the space is being designed and tested.

As part of the Activate program, startups will have the opportunity to learn from AWS experts to improve their knowledge and skills in cloud technologies. They’ll receive training and materials to help them become more efficient and get the most out of the cloud.

Bit2Me and AWS

Our collaboration with AWS aims to foster the use of the B2M utility token among startups, offering a differentiated value proposition to B2M holders and new users.

At Bit2Me we’re committed to accelerating the momentum of startups that offer benefits to B2M holders and want to make the token a reference for its holders, but also for the 500,000 customers worldwide who use the services available on our platform.

To achieve these goals, we use a combination of financial resources, entrepreneurship consulting for startups, and training to finance and boost the development of startups focused on B2M and other cryptocurrencies.

What Is the Purpose of Our Partnership With AWS?

With this partnership, we want to boost new products designed to make cryptocurrencies more accessible to everyone while meeting user needs in an environment of growing demand for crypto-assets and cryptocurrency-related products.

What Advantages Does the B2M Utility Token Offer to Startups?

At Bit2Me, we already have approximately 76,000 B2M holders from different countries worldwide, plus thousands more operating from other international exchanges. Moreover, thanks to the work of our B2M strategic team, led by Koh Onozawa, B2M Project Manager, and Dean Thomas, Bit2Me Senior Advisor, the number is growing steadily.

B2M allows its holders to enjoy up to 90% on their Bit2Me transactions and, in the future, we want to offer reimbursements for purchases made with the Bit2Me Card once its partner network is implemented. B2M holders can also participate in consultations on future features to be implemented on the platform, among other advantages.

Bit2Me’s utility token is listed on some of the leading exchanges such as Uniswap, MEXC, Quickswap, PancakeSwap, or Bittrex and, as of April 7, you’ll also be able to find it on Bitfinex.

We’ve also reached an agreement with Prosegur Crypto to keep your cryptocurrency funds safe and we’re working with MasterCard to finalize the launch of the Bit2Me Card, with which you’ll be able to pay for your purchases using both cryptocurrencies and euros.