One year after the historic #BienvenidosaBitcoin campaign in Madrid, the Bank of Spain recognizes us as the FIRST company registered as a provider engaged in exchange services between virtual currencies and fiat currencies and custodian wallet providers. In addition, the entity recognizes that in Bit2Me we comply with the Money Laundering Prevention legislation and with the requirements of commercial and professional honorability established for credit institutions.

The registration opens many opportunities for business relationships and collaborations that we can establish with companies and institutions in the future. The review and recognition of Bit2Me’s structure and procedures in terms of AML/CFT provides greater security to our customers, suppliers, and collaborators.

This is a great milestone! It means an official recognition for the progress of the whole ecosystem, the blockchain sector, and the development of our services. With this recognition, we are one step closer to Bitcoin and the rest of cryptocurrencies, the entire Spanish and Latin American community.

Thank you for joining us on this journey and for boosting us forward every day.

“This opens many opportunities in our business relationships and collaborations for being the First Exchange that has been reviewed by the BdE in compliance with Money Laundering and honorability”.

Andrei Manuel