• Bit2Me Consulting helps companies, institutions, and governments to build Web3 tools on cryptocurrency blockchain protocols such as Bitcoin or Ethereum
  • This 360º consulting, development, and auditing service enables both private companies and public institutions to take advantage of the opportunities presented by Web3 and blockchain technology
  • Bit2Me has been leading the cryptocurrency sector in the Spanish-speaking world for almost ten years, having launched over 25 products used by millions of people thanks to the nearly 300 professionals that make up its staff

Bit2Me has just launched to the public Bit2Me Consulting, a consulting, development, and auditing service of blockchain solutions for third parties, with clients that include companies, startups, governments, and institutions.

Bit2Me, having a decade of experience in the sector, has created products based on cryptocurrencies and blockchain protocols used by millions of people. That positions the Spanish exchange as one of the few partners capable of creating real solutions that bring security, speed, and guarantee to its clients, a series of features that have made Bit2Me a benchmark company in the crypto industry in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries.

“There are many consulting and software development companies, but few specialize in blockchain technology. Now, Bit2Me is even more unique, as I don’t know any other consulting firm or company with a team of almost 300 professionals and about ten years of experience in this industry. Our clients are looking for efficiency, trust, accuracy, and speed, and we deliver that,” says Leif Ferreira, CEO and Co-Founder of Bit2Me.

In this regard, Ferreira believes that having a team of professionals to minimize any errors and offer a series of Web3 products of the highest quality and security is essential. 

Asset tokenization is one of the services offered by Bit2Me Consulting and consists of transforming physical or intangible assets into digital assets whose security and authenticity are guaranteed by blockchain technology. Bit2Me’s new consulting and auditing service also allows its users to develop projects around metaverses, smart contracts, wallets, tokens, NFT, or DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations).

Telecommunications, banking, logistics, energy, sports, and transportation are just some of the sectors interested in developing solutions based on blockchain technology.

“Something that not everyone knows is that cryptocurrencies are not only digital assets that go up and down in price. Cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum or Bitcoin, are a new layer for building applications that allow the software to be developed in the same way it is built over the Internet. In this case, however, the programs are decentralized, which opens up a new world of options and opportunities. This is a new digital revolution that is going to transform the world as we know it,” says Andrei Manuel, Co-Founder of Bit2Me.

Bit2Me Consulting is a new service in Bit2Me’s ecosystem of solutions, a new approach that covers all the needs that the client may require. This new package is part of Bit2Me’s strategy to offer a set of solutions to companies.

Some of Bit2Me’s products focused on enterprises, public institutions, startups, and governments are Bit2Me Commerce, a tool that makes it easier for merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments; Bit2Me Custody, which offers institutional custody for digital assets; or Bit2Me Pro, the high-frequency cryptocurrency trading platform focused on professional users.

“At Bit2Me, we continue to work to expand all services that can help our clients, whether they are individuals, companies, or institutions. Bit2Me Consulting is one of the services that make up our blockchain suite, allowing companies to shape the development of their new ideas, so they can constantly evolve and be at the forefront of innovation,” says Ferreira, CEO of Bit2Me.

For Ferreira, Web3 will permeate the world we know in the coming years: “Oracles, Smart Contracts, DeFi, DAOs, Stablecoins, NFTs, Soulbound Tokens, Utility Tokens… I believe we are facing a new industry that will redefine traditional sectors and create new use cases that are impossible to carry out without blockchain technology. I believe huge business empires will emerge thanks to this new technology“.