Bit2Me, the leading company in Spain and the Spanish-speaking market, has presented Bit2Me Nodes, a new product with which the Spanish exchange demonstrates its commitment to decentralized finance (DeFi) and allows you to participate in the consensus of the networks and obtain rewards in cryptocurrencies by staking from any type of decentralized wallet.

Bit2Me Nodes allows users to delegate their tokens to a Bit2Me validator node. A process that is based on delegating the ability to vote within a blockchain but without losing custody of the funds. 

By participating in the governance of the network, the user makes the blockchain more secure by facilitating the operation and decentralization of the protocol, thus receiving rewards for staking his cryptocurrencies (keeping a certain amount of tokens in the blockchain) for a certain period of time. It should be noted that the more tokens the user delegates to the node, the more rewards the user will receive in his wallet. 

The first nodes of the product are already available for the Cardano and Solana blockchains. Many more will be added soon, including Ethereum, Avalanche, Oasis Network and Algorand. 

Bit2Me Nodes has strived to offer the best nodes with the lowest possible fees, with special emphasis on customer service and security, including protection against the risk of slashing (penalties that can occur if the validating node engages in malpractice) and a 99% uptime guarantee.

The service is aimed at users, companies, large investors, institutions and investment funds seeking to diversify their strategies to obtain rewards in cryptocurrencies without giving up custody of their funds. In addition, Bit2Me offers a consulting service specialized in companies to facilitate any operation.

Bit2Me Nodes is integrated within the Bit2Me suite, allowing you to enjoy a series of 360 solutions for individuals and businesses. A suite of products focused on customer security, with ISO27001 certification and a system with up to 6 layers of hardened security.

It also offers a unique feature in the DeFi (decentralized finance) industry of customer support in 10 languages 24 hours a day with contact by phone, email and various social media chats.

Leif Ferreira, CEO and founder of Bit2Me says: “At Bit2Me we cannot imagine a future where blockchain does not permeate everything. Bit2Me Nodes is Bit2Me’s firm commitment to decentralized finance, a financial model that is safer, more transparent and more efficient than traditional finance. That’s why we wanted to create the best native staking service in the world, offering: the security that characterizes Bit2Me, support by phone and in 10 languages, a team of specialized professionals, and very low commissions…. I think we have succeeded and we are already preparing nodes for many more protocols.”