Bit2Me has reached an agreement with Open Cart so that customers of this ecommerce platform can accept cryptocurrency payments in their stores. Open Cart is one of the most popular options in software for creating ecommerce websites worldwide, with more than 300,000 active stores around the world.

Thanks to this agreement, Open Cart customers will be able to install Bit2Me Commerce as a plugin within their platform, allowing them to accept cryptocurrency payments securely and easily. With this integration, merchants will be able to expand their reach and accept payments in a more modern and technological way.

Open Cart is a platform that has earned great prestige in the e-commerce world, with a large community of developers and users. With an easy-to-use interface and a large number of modules and plugins available, Open Cart has become one of the favorite options for businesses that want to start selling online.

Open Cart’s commitment to accepting cryptocurrency payments reflects the growing demand and acceptance of this technology in the e-commerce world. With Bit2Me Commerce, Open Cart customers will be able to accept cryptocurrency payments and receive euros in exchange in a transparent and automatic way.

In short, the agreement between Bit2Me and Open Cart is an important step in the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies in e-commerce. With the integration of Bit2Me Commerce into Open Cart, Open Cart customers will be able to accept cryptocurrency payments easily and securely, expanding their reach and adapting to current market trends.