We are expanding our already launched buy/sell OTC services to all Europe. This meaningful step will break any entry barriers ensuring that stepping into cryptocurrencies markets gets easier for any institutional capital and big traditional investors.

Every effort we do, builds the path to it’s reward, and there isn’t any better reward than sharing a new launchment. We feel very pleased to introduce our new Bit2Me OTC service which provides the best management for heavy loaded operations in Bitcoin and 20+ other cryptocurrencies ensuring the celerity and stability in the price such financial operations require.

In order to meet this requirement, we have tailored some strategies providing biggest investors a set of exciting solutions:

  • High liquidity: HIgh volume in single operations management
  • Price Stability: Avoid volatility in 24h interval after just one phone call
  • Celerity: Transaction settlements in the same day
  • Support: Whole process is covered with 24/7 personalized customer service
  • Better quotation: Getting a better quote than in open markets

OTC (Over-The-Counter) transactions are characterized for being asset exchanges done between two parties outside the standard established markets. These types of operations become themselves a new parallel market called OTC, also known as “outside the market commerce” which is more resistant to cryptocurrencies volatility levels. Therefore, OTC operations have no impact in the market quotation.

If you need personal assistance to get more information or make an OTC trade, just complete the form available in our Bit2Me OTC site 👇


Stay tuned! Great news is coming…