We continue extending the offer of cryptocurrencies that you can buy in Bit2Me!

You can already buy Dash in Bit2Me and by Bit2Me’s way: fast, simple and safe.

After adding Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC), we add our first cryptocurrency based on Masternodes: We want to give the welcome to Dash.

In our process of listening to our community, Dash is the fifth most requested currency, is because of that it’s already available for all of you.

All users will be able to buy Dash in Bit2Me from today by the following methods of payment:

  • Bank transfer.
  • Card of Credit or Debit.
  • Tikebit: Cash in thousands of shops on foot of street.


We continue innovating. An exemple of how you can change your cash money for Dash:


Don’t you have a wallet for Dash yet?

We recommend you to try Electrum Dash. It is one of the best wallets, is the official wallet, is a “light wallet” (takes little place on the memory), HD wallet (works with seed) and is a multiplatform. Download Electrum Dash now.

Why have we added Dash?

Each single Dash coin worth 230 € approximately and take place in June 2018 inside the TOP 15 cryptocurrencies based on the total capitalization of its market (which means, based on the value in Euros or Dollars that add all the Dash coin that exist).

The project wherefrom Dash is born starts in 2013 as a fork of Bitcoin and by Evan Duffield’s hand. In 2016 he affirmed itself the following during an interview for CoinReport:

“Dash has been known for its features related to the privacy, but indeed there are more essential differences between Dash and Bitcoin. The main difference is that in Bitcoin all the rewards of every block go for the miners and the security of the transactions.

We think that there are other parts of the network that are important and also need support. The most important difference in Dash is that we use a different model from incentive by distributing the rewards between miners, complete nodes and a small percentage for self-governance and cash flow”

To go to the beginnings of Dash’s history it is necessary to speak about Darkcoin, the project where Dash is born from.

Between 2014 and 2015, and after the implementation of a series of technical and philosophical improvements, Darkcoin presents her new image and name: Dash.

For one year, they support a race of rebranding to suit and to position the new name, the logo and the philosophy.

Dash’s principal innovation is Masternodes implementation and its governance system.

The same Evan Duffield was explaining it this way in the Norwegian news portal CryptoCoinsNews (CCN.com)

“The aim of this project has always been trying and success creating a technology as similar to the standard money as possible.

We decided to change the name to dash because we think that it represents better our vision of creating a way of exchange that is deprived and instantaneous for the whole world. Dashcoin is a different project than ours, we prefer being called simply Dash.

Dash is built in the same technology that have mad Bitcoin become so successful, but we have added the second network known as Masternodes Network.

The Masternodes are a new concept in the digital coins, where the users are stimulated in order that they execute complete nodes and that could offer extra functions to the network as the Darksend or InstantX services. The existence of those master nodes allows us to add features to dash that are impossible in Bitcoin”

These are the differences between the 3 most significant differences with Bitcoin:

Main differences BITCOIN DASH
Total Nº of coins 21 millions 18.9 millions
Algorithm SHA-256 (Proof-of-work) X11 (Proof-of-stake)
Block emission time 10 minutes 2,5 minutes

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