At Bit2Me we have always believed in education as a fundamental pillar for the success of the entire blockchain ecosystem and personal success. Transforming through education. That’s why we are now taking another step forward in our educational philosophy and introducing our first Web3MBA.

Web3 and all the technology that surrounds it, such as blockchain, cryptocurrencies or non fungible tokens (NFT), have brought about such a revolution that it brings us closer to one of the biggest paradigm shifts of recent times, comparable to the emergence of the Internet in the nineties.

As at that time, society is facing a technological challenge that, at best, it does not understand and, at worst, makes it fearful or distrustful out of ignorance. The exponential growth of Web3 is giving rise to new educational needs, as in the near future, professionals trained and specialised in Web3 and blockchain technology will be required.

Decentralisation, blockchain technology, smart contracts, airdrops, innovation strategies are a challenge that are already generating a transformation of the labour market, which requires an adequate educational response. Are you going to be left out?

The time has come to reinvent yourself

Knowledge is power and, in this case, knowledge can offer you a new direction in your life and the financial freedom we have heard so much about.

At Bit2Me we know that the future lies in Web3 and that the industry is looking for highly qualified profiles and that, at the moment, they are not able to find them due to a lack of training that is capable of responding to the speed at which this sector is moving.

That is why we are launching the first online MBA based on Web3 and innovation, with the aim of training the future professionals who will develop and sustain this industry.

At Web3MBA we have developed a complete learning path, with an approach based on the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) methodology that allows us to meet the diverse needs that arise from distance learning, always placing the student at the centre of each work sequence and offering different didactic options so that the students themselves can decide what their learning path will be.

What will you find in Web3MBA?

Our Web3MBA offers you more than 60 hours of videos and masterclasses taught by experts from the most important companies in the crypto sector and blockchain technology. In total, more than 180 hours of training that can be completed in an average of 4 months.

All this in a micro-learning format, designed for self-paced learning, allowing you to adapt each lesson to your pace and your needs, thanks to a modular and customisable system, with specialisations that will allow you to go a step further in your training.

At the end of Web3MBA you will receive a certificate of completion, which you can export to your social networks and which will open the way for you to become part of the Web3 sector and complete the transformation, through training, of your professional career.