Bit2Me, the first company recognised by the Bank of Spain as a virtual currency service provider, today launched the first decentralized and tokenized online master’s degree: Web3MBA, which aims to open new doors to the knowledge of the blockchain ecosystem and continue transforming society through education and learning. 

Bit2Me’s new educational project will be presented this Wednesday 21 September at an event in the Marina of Valencia and will be attended by Bit2Me’s CEO, Leif Ferreira, the director of Web3MBA, José Peris, as well as different managers and employees of the company. 

The event will also be attended by fashion designer Juan Vidal, who has created his first NFT with Web3MBA. It is a collection of digital garments that the designer has made available to students of the new Bit2Me master’s degree. The exclusive designs will be in NFT format and will be available to the first 300 students who enroll in Bit2Me’s new educational project. 

For this, the Spanish exchange has developed a complete learning path, with an approach focused on the methodology of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), an educational model based on personalized teaching and that always places the student at the center so that he/she is the one who decides what his/her learning path will be. 

In this way, students will be able to address the following disciplines: Web3.0, Blockchain, Trading, Decentralized Technologies, Tokenization, Finance, Artificial Intelligence, Decentralized Systems, Cybersecurity, Innovation and Strategy Development. 

For the director of the Web3MBA master’s degree, José Peris, “at Bit2Me we have always believed in education as a fundamental pillar for the future of democratic societies and for the prosperity of our citizens’ ‘. 

According to Peris, the most important thing is to multiply students’ engagement and increase their knowledge through gamification: “With games you learn in a more interactive and didactic way.  In fact, during the Master’s course, instead of receiving credits, students will receive W3 tokens, which they will exchange for NFTs with educational or professional value”. 

At the end of the Web3MBA, students will receive an NFT Dashboard certificate that will show their skills in blockchain technology. Knowledge that will open new paths to better understand the technological changes of the coming years and thus achieve a real transformation of their professional career.

Web3 and all the technology that surrounds it, such as blockchain, cryptocurrencies or non fungible tokens (NFT), have brought about such a revolution that it brings us closer to one of the biggest paradigm shifts of recent times, comparable to the emergence of the Internet in the 90s. 

Bit2Me’s CEO, Leif Ferreira, points out that “the future is Web3. The industry is looking for highly qualified profiles because, at the moment, it is not possible to find them in traditional educational training. For this reason, with Web3MBA we want to offer the best of solutions, and give the opportunity to promote digital professions that others do not deal with, but which are in great demand and necessary to sustain this industry”. 

It must be taken into account that decentralization, blockchain technology, smart contracts, airdrops, or innovation strategies represent a great challenge that generates a change in the labor market and that, therefore, requires an adequate educational response. 

Web3MBA offers around 60 hours of videos and numerous masterclasses that will be given by the best experts in the world of innovation, finance, cryptocurrencies, cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Web3MBA experts include Justin Drake, Ethereum researcher; Justin Edwards, COO of Decentraland; Jet Martin, project manager at The Sandbox; Vijay Krishnan, founder of Metamask; Francisco Maroto, blockchain director at BBVA; Maria Sáez de Buruaga, strategy consultant at Deloitte; and Davide Veneri, head of global retail events at Dolce & Gabbana. 

In total, there are more than 180 hours of training that can be completed in an average of 4 months. All this, with a micro-learning format, designed for self-paced learning, which allows each lesson to be adapted to the pace and needs of the student thanks to a modular and customisable system.

“A few years ago we experienced a boom with the disruption of artificial intelligence. Over the years, large technology companies have monopolized this sector due to the large amount of data they have access to. I think this is collateral damage of Web2.0; however, in Web3 it is proposed to evolve towards gamification and the world of video games. It is an approach of convergence of different technologies where the user not only creates content, but also owns it, can monetise it and where privacy and security are the main axes”, adds Peris. 

For the director of Web3MBA, “all these changes are going to drive a wave of new professions and we are going to have to reconvert many professional profiles that are going to become obsolete. I believe that this is where Web3MBA can make a difference and cover the educational needs of this incipient technological wave”.